Wednesday, August 28, 2013

At Least I did One Thing Right

Spent nearly 3 hours with an ex-junior last night. Said she needed someone to confide in and she could only think of me to do so. Awww. Aww. Bangga. Bangga. Bangga.

She told me the most beautiful thing ever - that she was inspired by me, that I motivated her, and that she learnt a lot from me.

I nearly cried man. So touched.

One of those things money just can't buy - Knowing that you somehow made a difference in someone's life.

For that one year I was in that company, it felt like I did nothing substantial. Felt like I made no difference. Felt like i was putting water into the sea.

Who knew. little ol' me. An inspiration to someone. Who knew.

We started off rocky, she and I. For a few months we pretty much got into each other's nerves or just couldn't get along. But we managed to somehow see past our differences and found the synergy to work with each other. It was good while it lasted.

I got a lot of insights from talking with her:
- everyone wants to be validated. NEEDS to be validated. A kind word from anyone at all really makes people go a mile.
- People love to hear about their strengths. Find a strength, and bring it up often. Especially when you have to engage with them about improving their weaknesses.
- it is not impossible to work with anyone - all you need is time, patience, and a whole load of empathy to understand how you can work with them. There will always be synergies. I will always lack something you have - and vice versa. So it is damn important to know your strengths and weaknesses first.
- make time to catch up and communicate with your juniors or co-workers. We need to build the trust and understand each other better. I mean, we're spending most of our daytime with them - that makes them pretty much our second family. Love them all as much as you can.
- I cannot stress how keeping clear and open lines of communication is with your colleagues or junior. Always talk. even if just for 5 minutes.
- if you're not happy with them, let them know, and explain why. If you feel like they are not happy with you, ASK THEM WHY. nicely. And listen. And if its valid, do something about it.
- be honest & sincere. be yourself. People can tell when you're a fake.
- when giving instructions for peers or juniors to do something, always take the time to explain WHY it needs to be done and HOw you feel is the best way to do. Give them time to refute or query you about it. Who knows, maybe THEY have a better idea/angle/solution.

Well, at least that's what I did, anyway. Takes a whole lot of effort and patience for sure - more than just ordering and bullying people to do stuff. But it's really freaking worth it. I'm not sure if it's the right way. But i sure as hell know what is the wrong way.

Suddenly realising that I've learnt a whole load of stuff while working in that place. Suddenly happy. At least I didn't waste my time there. :)

If I were to die tomorrow, I can die happy knowing that I've at least meant something to at least one person on this planet. She'd probably come to my funeral too. :)

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