Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A New Found Respect for Parents & Mum

took care of my twin nieces for about 36 hours with my mum.

man, it was brutal.

there is a constant need to be doing something for them or with them, from the moment you're up to the point where you're in bed. and even when you're IN bed there's still their  nightmares you need to comfort them out of.

It's insane. No wonder my bro and SIL always seemed so stoned. Apart from having their crazy doctor hours in the day time.. to come back to their bundle of loud joys.

Just 3 days with them and I'm drained. I still adore them, and think that they are the cutest things ever, but man I couldn't wait to get off duty.

makes me wonder what sort of a parent would I be.

makes me wonder if i even want to have kids. lol. i've always assumed that I would. Maybe one at a time. And I would probably want to be a stay at a home mum for at least 5-6 years. With perhaps a part time job....... as a  blogger. HAHAHAHAHA.

My mum was a trooper man. Damn steady. This 60++ year old woman still can wake up early and layan the kids and she never once complained. AND she has 4 more mornings to go with them. Sometimes I wonder how in the world does she do it.

And then the answer hit me. it was so simple.

My mum's superwoman. Just like her mum was.

My grandma passed away recently, and the things that people repeatedly say about her was that she was a fighter, very strong, very patient. She brought up 8 kids on her own with a salary of a rubber tapper. can you imagine yourself doing now? even with today's salary?

and my mum? She inherited that spirit from grandma. she fought to stay in school, to continue her studies (because they were so poor, and the girls, who were all older, had to help their mum with chores), studied hard to be the top girl in school. how she relentlessly kept her job and was still an awesome mum who kept a roof over our heads, food in our bellies.

and me? well. my superwoman blood is diluted with erm. super lazy blood. tee hee.

But the point of this post was basically to take my hat off to good parents everywhere and my supermum.


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