Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shortest Stint Ever

Yup. It's been slightly over 2 months and I have just decided that this current stint just isn't working out for me. However, it's not wasted. In just 2 short months, I have learnt that:

1. I work best when given the bandwidth to focus on a task at a time. Means, I can't juggle many things which requires the same amount of attention at the same time. Nope. No insane multitasking for me. Enough of kidding myself, haha.

2. I can't create shit from thin air. I'm no good at originating ideas or cooking up something from nothing. But what I am great is improving things. Or mixing up stuff to create something better when given a set of guidelines, or instructions, or scenarios.

3. I DETEST PR. Because it comes with small fluffy talk. I prefer getting straight to the point. and I have no patience for people wasting my time. Give me what I need and I'm out of your face - which is a win win situation because I don't waste your time and you don't waste mine. I bet if we all get to the point there will be more hours in a day for us.

4. I HATE to hardsell. Or lie through my teeth to close a deal. If I have to sell something, it'll be based  on FACTS and FIGURES. Apparently no one likes that.

5. Everyone is selfish to some degree. :( It's really a dog eat dog world. This fact is making me super depressed today. Even when people seem NICE to you it's because they are actually trying to get something out of you. I can actually start smelling fake nice-ness now. Go me. wonder if there is a company where the employees actually WORK TOGETHER AND HELP EACH OTHER TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL apart from charity organisations. Maybe if it was a company that didn't focus solely on sales and profits... oh wait. That's a charity organisation isn't it. Sigh.

6. I work best in an English speaking environment. No compromise on that. Can you imagine a chicken and horse talking to each other. No one understand anything, everything gets lost in translation, everyone gets frustrated, nothing gets done. Even if something gets done, it gets done so wrongly. Friends will know how basic and horrendous my cantonese is. How shocked was I to find out that in this era, there are people whose english is worse than my cantonese. Way to go Malaysian education system. mou tak teng.

7. I don't like it when I sense that people around me are not honest or open with me. Worse still is when you find out that they cannot keep things to themselves which you have shared with them in confidence.

8. I enjoy drinking for leisure. I do not enjoy drinking for work. These are mutually exclusive things, as I have slowly learnt.... lol.

9. I do want to work late every night anymore. I WANT to be home. I WANT to spend time with family and friends. I WANT the energy to be able to pursue my OWN stuff.

10. I've most importantly learnt that I should trust my gut instincts more. I knew that something was off with this offer. It was something in the way it was offered to me. How some of my queries weren't given a proper answers. Or the first impression I got when I first stepped into the office. .. there were a few signs. But I ignored those and went ahead with it anyway. Whenever my gut feels something is off, I should learn to listen to it. Should've waited on it just a BIT more to see what transpired with the OTHER opportunity.. but oh well. I made the decision. It is done. I shall move on.

There. Lesson learnt. Can't say that it hasn't been exciting. Can't say that I haven't learnt anything. Can't say I haven't met people and gained new experiences. :) Living is all about learning afterall, innit?

Now to find the time to tell them. And find me a new job which will hopefully satisfy some of my basic requirements item #6. tee hee.

I'm even thinking about going back too cushion number crunching job man... so that I actually have MORE time to pursue my hobby of... erm.. drinking. Hahahahahahah. Ironic.

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  1. Everything is an experience :D BTW even charity organisations have politics ;)

    Let's go drink.


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