Monday, April 13, 2009

A Week In A Life Of Me.

Long Day Monday:
Nothing like some Hoegaarden on tap @ Ice Cold Beer to kick start the week when Monday already feels like a 5 day work week rolled into one.

Not Quite There Yet Tuesday:
Glenlivet Tasting Party @ Balaclava reminded me how dreamy single malt scotch whiskey can be. So smooth, so fragrant. Just like ice cold water from heaven.

Eve of Easter Thursday:
I've almost forgotten that Kilkenny on tap @ That Irish Pub near my place which name escapes me for now tastes so much fresher and creamier than Kilkenny from a can. So malty. So smooth. So full. So delicious. But So Expensive. (Can = 6.40, Bar =14.00) :(

Happy Saturday:
OJ & Smirnoff Black @ Wala wala is a great way to end the week. Coupled with a group of good company to chill out and head bang to singalong live music, the coming Monday doesn't seem so hard to face. Smirnoff black is so damn smooth compared to the normal Absolut. It's so smooth it's too easy to forget that you actually have quite a bit of vodka in that juice.. *hic*

With age catching up, I know that sooner or later I will have to cut this down. But now is definitely not the time. Besides, I'm enjoying it too much :)


  1. Your liver must love you.

    FA: On the contrary, I think I hear it crying itself to sleep every night

  2. what happened to wednesday, friday and sunday!

    FA: The spirit is willing but the liver and wallet is not. :P

  3. haha.. found your blog after 5 months!! =P

  4. wahlaueh that glenlivert!

    anyway all 18s are smooth.

    dram those 18s neat.

    breathe them and appreciate the complexxxxxx flavours.

  5. Smirnoff black is equivalent to Absolut 100 la, how can compare normal Absolut.

    It's the top of the range, I always have 1 bottle of Smirnoff black in my freezer.

    FA: Hehehe. because never tried Absolut 100 before mar!

  6. Pub's name also can forget?
    Anyway, Kilkenny's for me ANY DAY!

  7. kilkenny's my absolute fav! it's like a meal unto itself =)

  8. BABE! why you go wala on sat but not on thurs??

    DPL and I were just saying how much we meet you there. Haha.

  9. i just don't think the cutting down part will ever materialize.

  10. Glenlivet, single malt. Oh yeah!!! Drink it with a whisky sniffing glass. Add some water. And, enjoy the strong aroma of highland whisky. Gonna try it next weekend. Haha...

  11. How can you evar go back, after you've experienced all this.

  12. politically incorrect. the scots will be furious. whisky w/o the 'e'. :)


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