Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You (book).


Phew. I thought it was going to be another piece of literary crap. Honestly, I'm not so snobbish as to read only serious mind fucking stuff from Rushdie or Greenspan. I actually read more fluffy junkbooks. See, junk doesn't equate to crap. Junk is fun! Crap belongs in the sewage.

This book is junk. Entertaining junk. It's like a tongue in cheek self help book, if you must. An entertaining tongue in cheek self help junk which is puts in writing, obviously obvious things you already know about men and (non-existent) relationships or should've known better, but rather just ignore.

This book is like that good friend who gave you an advise which you rather just ignore. You know she is right, but it's easier to act dumb and pretend that she never said anything so that you can continue living in your little delusions.

The premise of the book is simple enough; if spend too much time wondering whether the guy is into you - then he is just not into you. If he doesn't call, doesn't make the effort, is married, unavailable, going through a tough situation, just can't include you into his life - He is just not into you. SO SIMPLE RIGHT!

I was smiling, laughing and nodding to myself throughout the book. Guilty guilty guilty as charged. So simple yet, so many of us have been guilty of it once too many times. And will continue to be guilty for as long as men and woman and stupid emotions shall live.


  1. oooo... surprise man surprise.

  2. Would it be totally gay if a guy read that book?

  3. Greenspan? Alan Greenspan is mind fucking stuff? The dude that didn't see the market bubble coming a mile away?

    mad: no, of course not. What the hell. Guys should read this book, so easier to con girls.

  4. Hahaha shit good joke. The joke is that your 3 readers came in expecting an April 1 joke.. but there is none. The joke is on us!! Whahaahahah. Good one, good one. Can't wait for next year.

  5. Wait. Where the hell is the April 1st joke and where is dabido?? Only 4 hours left MCH.

  6. what is an April 1 joke?

    about the book, heard of it. unfortunately i too fear that my phallus would fall off if i read this book. am i right mad?lol

    but the world is as is as much as we try to rational it...
    where common sense is uncommon and emotions (un)fortunately run wild free. in truth, we all would(nt) have it any other way.

  7. so much angerrrr.


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