Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Booze, Booze, Booze & A Random Pic

Was at Bar-stop hear the somerset area last week for their 5th anniversary. 5-8pm house pour on the house. 8pm onwards 5 bucks per drink. Very cheap! There's a pretty decent jazz live band too which played decent ignorable songs but not too ignorable because it's on the loud side. The bartenders are really nice too! :) One of the house pour they had was a sake brand which was served in a wooden square "cup".


Behold my friend's collection of limited edition vodka containers and various other booze. I want.


Champagne bottles in a row. Had a proper taste of all of them, but the second from the left was my favourite. Discovered that drinking too much champagne makes me incredibly sleepy. Thanks for the awesome evening guys! :D


Spotted near the Funan Digitalife Mall:


Check out the website. Puts our government agency websites to shame doesn't it.

Today was so long it actually felt like it was a Friday. Had some beer and hotdog and my favourite bar which I will blog about very, very soon.



  1. Square cup is one traditional way to have nihonshu AKA sake. Make sure QC is good and it dun leak! Hate wasting booze...

  2. you wanna be a karang-guni?

  3. but if you don't have square jaws..

  4. wondering how to drink using that square wooden cup. weird lar.

  5. oak to brew alcohol make scientific sense, but as cup just aint geometrically correct, but obviously marketing wise successful.

  6. booze booze booze and some random O V E R D O S E?



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