Monday, February 12, 2007

A Little Bit of This. A Little Bit of That.

Cass, a personal friend has sent me an email from a friend who needs help.

From: Lee, Tuck Yuen (MY - Kuala Lumpur)
Subject: Requesting for Blood Donation for my Dad's Surgery

Dear Friends,

I wish to seek for your kindness to help us look for blood donors for my Dad who will be undergoing a multiple bypass heart surgery on March 1, 2007 (Thursday). The surgery requires fresh blood and the surgeon has requested for at least 10 people of similar blood group (A+) to donate on the day of his surgery. We know that this is not a common blood group and we appreciate it with all our heart if you can assist us.

Below is the information required by the blood donor: -

1. Blood group required : A+
2. Name of Hospital : Subang Jaya Medical Centre (New Wing), 5th Floor (Blood Bank)
3. Opening Hours: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm (Monday to Friday) (Operates during lunch hours)
: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm (Saturday)
4. Patient's Name : Lee Chiew
5. Date of Surgery : March 1, 2007

Set out below are the procedures for the blood donation;

1. The Donor has to be healthy;
2. The potential donor is required to go to the above hospital any day before the surgery date to have his / her blood screened. Should the potential donor do not know his / her blood group, the hospital will conduct the test;
3. If the potential donor can only attend the screening test on the weekend,
he / she will need to give one day prior notice to the hospital.

SJMC (Blood Bank) contact no. : 03-56306575
Contact person : Ms Siva

4. After having passed the screening test, the Donor will need to come to the hospital again on the Surgery date (9.00 am) for the donation.
5. Please be informed that the hospital will issue time-off medical certificates for both the screening and donation days.

Please feel free to contact any of us should you have questions on the above. Karina (012-3930993), Kevin (012-2998769) or Adrian (012-2317912).

My family and I wish to thank you for your help and generosity.

Kevin Lee

Do the good thing for the year. Go give up some of that blood.

I would if I could but unfortunately, I am a B.


Hi completely random stranger named Wan Lee of Feathered Friends. I received your email about that gig for yesterday but wasn't in time to blog about it. But I hope Suanie posted it up on time.

Note: Most of the time however, I don't layan stranger requests for this help or that help or whatever. What the hell am I? A free soup kitchen? I'm not generous to strangers. In fact, I'm not very generous. Full stop.


This is from Suanie too. It's an American fellow urging people to boycott American things because America is EVIL.

Come to think of it America makes NOTHING but television programmes. Everything THEY use and consume are made in third world countries anyway.

I will play my part by not watching Lost. Lost has always been stupid to me. And CSI Miami. Which sucks donkey balls. I'd like to wipe that "I KNOW EVERYTHING" smirk on Horatio's face by slamming it against a chainsaw.

But Heroes, I can not stop watching. I am so sorry. The flesh is weak. AndHiro Nakamura is the best thing EVER.

Read about the appeal HERE and perhaps you might be strong enough to actually DO something about it.


I know Mac comes from America and that I just posted an appeal about boycotting their products and etc but OMG I FUCKING WANT THE NEW IPOD SHUFFLE.

Mac has a bunch of psycho GENIUSES in their marketing and promotions department. There hasn't been a single ad by Mac I haven't liked. Simple and effective.

And just to show how much I appreciate and FUCKING enjoy the INSANE amount of creativity that just OOZE out of their ads, I'd like to support their cause by owning ONE Mac item, which will be the incredibly SO CUTE CAN DIE clip on Shuffle.

THe Shuffle is so fucking tiny. So fucking cute. And so tiny. And so cute and OMG I WANT ONE. JUST BECAUSE it's so goddamn tiny and cute and can LITERALLY PUT IN POCKET.

I'd like the shocking pink one. Or the orange one. Not too picky.

But for RM399, maybe I'll wait for a little while longer.

Meanwhile, here is my moral support, Mac. Save us all by producing more ass kicking ads PLEASE.


The PC still undergoing construction.
Should be up and running in no time.
Spongfox has been fucking AMAZING. You are great.
Once it's all fixed you fuckers can start shaking and pissing in your pants as I will ONCE AGAIN taint the interweb with ugly pictures of myself and haunt you in your sleep.




  1. iPod is bad. iPod DRM is tsk tsk tsk.

  2. Go donate blood. Go go go. Even if you are not an A+, just go.

    FA: I do. Twice a year. That's the only good thing I do every year. :)

  3. I got my ipod shuffle in singapore, cheaper by RM80+-

  4. Hi FA,

    Thanks so much for your kindness. Hope that we'll get some response here.

  5. FA, are you serious about the America boycott? Besides television and film, they're largely responsible for technology that makes up the PC you're typing on, the internet, the light bulb, the gasoline engine, and so forth.

    They don't make the stuff because they're too busy designing it!

  6. Weak. My government buy America bonds. (And tell me which country not buying their bonds).

    If Uncle Ho start "distribute" voice book, I will get an Ipod.

    TV program is good. The sucky program will make you wanna read a book.

  7. "I’d like to wipe that “I KNOW EVERYTHING” smirk on Horatio’s face by slamming it against a chainsaw." - hahahaha.... damn true.

    Heroes... I am beginning to feel is a spin off from x-men, just that heroes has got more character development in it. Hiro is a good actor but frankly speaking, the ability to stop time and space is just too much despite a fiction film. heck, then again.... it's just a movie.

  8. wan lee's a friend =) am proud of her. but screw hartamas square for bailing last minute.

  9. Do you honestly believe in the boycott of all things American ? . . . please tell me that your just passing on the message . . .

    Third world and developing nations like ours depend on first world powers like the United States to pull ourselves up. The biggest importer of our agricultural products and furniture ( being the furniture capital of the world ) is to the United States. It's thier money coming to us.

    Yes, most factories for American brands ( as well as Japanese and European brands ) are set up in developing countries, this provides job opportunities for us in return increasing our standards of living, strengthening the ringgit e.t.c. . . . This turns the situation to Malaysian produced materials being sold in the U.S. . . . in other words, all the better for us.

    Governments interested in the welfare of the country encourage foreign investment, an action to actually boycott all foreign influences is to blind ourselves to globalisation and live . . . as the Malay proverb 'Like a frog under a shell' . . .

    There will always be rebels who are anti establishment, but thats the beauty of a first world counry with a 'Full Democracy' - the freedom of speech. So as I do not condemn the author of that article, I practice my right not to agree.

  10. i would donate to ur fren.... but i'm b- and i'm in london... would be a bit expensive for me!

  11. why is the blood needed on the day of surgery? can't he use the blood from the blood bank? is the blood bank running out of type A+ blood?

    i've received similar request before from a friend, when i called him, he said this particular surgeon is very fussy and wanted only fresh blood and not the ones from the blood bank. is that the case here? can you find out?

  12. Dear over_qualified,

    The surgery requires fresh blood. Hope you're able to assist if you're of the same blood type.


  13. Sorry, just curious why fresh blood is required. Unfortunately I am O+ve. However would like to know the specific need for fresh blood.

  14. Dear kind souls,

    Thank you for posting this up. My name is Adrian and my father is the one that needs the blood.

    My father is 70+ and had a minor stroke before. To minimize the risk of the surgery, the surgeon requested for fresh blood and of type A+ only. My brother, sister and I are all universal donors and it saddens us that none of us could donate.

    As of yesterday, we have 11 confirmed volunteers. 1 is subjected to screening. We need 4 to 5 more donors. If you are willing, please contact Ms Siva of SJMC on 03-56306575.

    Thank you very much. I am vey grateful to see so many trying to help.

  15. I stay in singapore and I am A+. I will try to apply for a passport asap and if you really lack volunteers, I will try to get leave to go to malaysia.

    Very sorry cos I had never been aboard before.



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