Monday, February 26, 2007

Balik Kampung - Episode 2

A shout out to all you Hokkien peeps, Happy Bai Tian Gong Festival! Fresh Roast pork FTW!

On with the program.

This post will feature a bit of the neighbourhood and grandpa's external compound.

This is the bakery on the left of my grandpa's house. It's been around forever. My dad apparently grew up with the smell baking pastries, breads and cakes everyday which put him off bread and cakes for the rest of his life. When I was younger I got to run around and play with the owner's children inside. I even get to flick off FRESH FROM THE OVEN goodies. Heaven should smell like this every Sunday.

Interior of the bakery. Shot with the camphone.

On the left of grandpa's house is the coffee shop. My late grandpa used to hang out here every time we balik kampung. It's damn old school. The classic marble tables with wooden legs. Spittoon bowls at the bottom. Glorious toasted thick white bread spread with generous heart attack inducing kaya butter. Glass bottled coke in a clear plastic bagful of gigantic ice chunks. The clickety clack sounds of the mahjong tiles in the illegal gambling den behind..... damn best!

The cement(?) chair just outside the house which has been there since.... forever.

The swing is easily one of my favourite places in grandpa's house.

This was a vegetable patch. Grandpa used to plant all sorts of stuff here. Beans, leafy veges and little chili trees. Now it's just lots of creepers and weed.

The backyard. Grandpa used to plant vegetables here too. That big cement drain is a new addition to backyard. Must be one of them government projects. I've never seen it before.

to be continued.....


  1. hahahaha the red stands out among all the green .. like a rose only :D

  2. what? no chikins? NO CHIKINS?

    FA: Got a LOT! chickens... cows.. buffalos... goats...

  3. look like some bad hokkein karaoke video poses ler.

    FA: that was the point actually so yeay!

  4. Magical place.

    The big cement drain reminds me of Penang. As children, me and the neighbourhood kids used to hang out in the drains and play and stuff. Send paper boats, or plastic army men down the drain, see how far they'd get. Or roll marbles down there.

    Just looking at the picture brings back the memory of the smell and eveything.

    Lainie - I can show you a picture of where we had ducks and chikins in our backyard in Penang if you like? :-)

  5. OMG...grew up smelling pastries and bread..yummy!

  6. Don't tell me you wore that red blouse for one whole week!

    FA: One day only lah! Siau meh!

  7. argh!!! my eyes!!! argh!!!

    argh!!!! all my hairs are standing!!! argh!!!! please please please... next time don't pose like this... ngeri sungguh... "p

    FA: Hehehe.. for fun only mar. :P

  8. pepsi could sponsor you for XTREME CAMWHORING.

    FA: I think so too.

  9. Haha... The Dragon Jeans would go very well with the blouse. *runs away*

  10. Wow! FA, great to see episode 2 so fast! Thanks! To top it up, there is even an episode 3!!

    I enjoy reading about your new year with a sort of old town charm! :) Your pics (the blurry effect with the not-looking-at-the-camera poses) made the experience all the more enjoyable.

  11. Mmm... I want to be your grandfather's grandchild. So that I can take free bread from the bakery of my grandfather's neighbour. Yay.

  12. Screenshot of some crappy MV leh...

    I dont understand this. Why the hole on da chest on da blouse la??? If I was there, I would rip it out... :P The blouse I mean...

  13. You look very fetching in your, um, documentary. I'd still like to be your personal photographer if the job ever becomes available.

    FA: If I ever get my ass to America, YOU'RE IT!

  14. I have that chair outside my grandmother's house in Malacca too.. I still have the photo. But the house was sold after my grandfather passed away..

    Like your outfit and the way you poss with the pictures.

    Take care!

  15. Looks like country girl, got balik kampung - episode 3?

  16. did you berak at the longkang when you were young?

    FA: It wasn't there when I was young. Which part of "I've never seen it before" did you not understand?

  17. Photo #4 and #5 - good composition.

    Photo #6 would be better if close up on your face. You did the right thing posing under the shade.

    Who took your photo? Or did you used tripod?

    FA: I used something called a Younger Sister. Doesn't come cheap.

  18. The photos are sssoooo retro .... and so reminding me of my bygone days as well.

  19. nice post. like professional only. yes, u certainly achieved the cheesey karaoke model effect.

  20. Hey ....I was there for the first time .. just last week!

    Dad had a bout of nostalgia .... and we were trying to locate his old home at the Malayan Tin Dredging quarters in Batu Gajah. He was living there from 1925 to 1946 before moving to Ipoh after the war.

    Check it out:

    At least we found the vicinity of his old home and he was happy. Double happy after Udang Galah at Tanjung Tualang!

    Wondering if your dad or grandfather may have old photos of the MTD area tucked away somewhere?

    Happy 2010 ...


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