Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Overpriced Everything Day.

While smittened and panicking boyfriends everywhere are fervently rushing around like headless chickens and breaking into cold sweat from imagining the horrors that would be unleashed upon them should they dare NOT to get their significant others anything ("no honey it's really okay I don't care about Valentine's Day... oh look at that time my mom's waiting I've got a headache kthxbaiFOREVER"), thus forcing them to withdraw their life's savings, steal someone's baby, sell a kidney, maim little animals for cash; JUST to buy something, OMG ANYTHING wrapped in some ugly tacky plastic wrapping complete with frills, laces and pink ribbons for their loved ones to commemorate a day where normal everyday goodies are priced a trillion times more than usual just to get laid (or whatever stupid "romantic" jargon boys use these days); candymakers, giftmakers, cardmakers and eating establishment owners are laughing themselves all the way to the bank.


Make a difference this Valentine's Day.

Fuck it and spend it IN.

Watch some sappy romantic movie courtesy of Uncle Ho and stuff your faces with Mcdonald's home delivered sundaes.

Stay HOME for fuck sakes.

Besides, it's Heroes day, man. And nothing is worth missing Heroes for. NOTHING, I tell you.

Me? Bitter? Noooooooooooooooo..............

(okay single people, the coast is clear. I think they took the bait. Let's hit out, have a good dinner then catch Babel. But only after Heroes, k? :P )


  1. Happy Heroes Day! Make mine Hiro anyday..not some pansy wansy flying power s***.

  2. can be happy ugly bettys day as well! i recorded it :P

  3. lol... if i see you today, I'd still give you flowers. maybe just a stalk though...

  4. U know whats even worse!? Im suppose to "plan" and come up with something this year, grrr!!

    Happy Valentine's day FA

  5. Oh Yeah FA~! You just spoke my mind! Heroes is definitely ON tonite

  6. I no sked. No gifties. I think I'll stay home and open that bottle of amarula cream.

    FA: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i think "can food" is a good idea for tonight..ha ha ha
    do u agreed with me KY?
    the "can" also can use as candle stand what.
    happy valentine's to u angel

  8. Say... Aren't you double dating today?

    FA: Nope!

  9. [...] smacked the nail on the head when she wished everyone a “Happy Overpriced Everything Day“. My problem is that if everything’s overpriced, then how does that make ME [...]

  10. This must be the best post today among all blogs...

  11. I want to stay at home tonight too...

  12. c'mon, do a violentime podcast. dedicate it to all of your single readers. we'll appreciate it. make sure it's good. :D

  13. Super Duper expensive day la....

    Iam happy Iam single..
    But Iam sad Iam one too... Hahahahah

  14. GONG XI FATT CHAI lah better... got angpow, can get drunk, can gamble, can eat mandarin oranges, can play fieworks... wooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. happy single awareness day, FA .

    good plan.
    :D:D tho i stayed home n ate my way through a twisties pack n watched a good ol chick flick - failure to launch.

  16. Heroes?... episode 14 already ler... hail privacy.

    Isn't it ironic that most couples will not celebrate today... they tend to pre or post celebrate it, if at all they celebrate.

    But those singles will purposely go out and have dinner and feel depressed about being single and make this day so freaking significant... and on top of that... get ripped off.

  17. 'just to get laid (or whatever stupid “romantic” jargon boys use these days);'

    Nope, getting laid sums it up. That's why the guy turns up at the door and this is what happens:

    *knock knock*
    *Girl opens Door. BF is standing there ith c hocolates and Flowers*

    BF: Happy Valentines day, dear. I bought you these.
    *hands over flowers & chocolates*
    Girl: Aw, so sweet. You didn't have to.
    BF: Of course I did! I want to get laid tonight.
    BF: Um ... the wind seems to have blown the door shut and I'm still outside. Hello? Hello? I haven't got laid yet? Was there something wrong with the flowers?

  18. Heroes now EP 15 oredi .. thank god for the internet .. :D

    Oh yah HAPPY SAD !!!


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