Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stop The Harassment.

Fuck. Am in the office too early in the morning. Just remembered I owe Lainie some write up about some campaign.

So here I am doing a very bad job at trying to create some awareness about ICT and VAW.

Click on the picture for more info. Please.


Last Saturday, Lainie tells me to write something everyday for the next 16 days. I didn't have a flying fucking clue that it was supposed to start last Saturday. I didn't have a flying fucking clue what I was supposeed to write about.

"But what am I suppose to write about? I don't have a flying fucking clue what ICT has anything to do with VAW"

"post something about the how you think violence against women connects with information communications technology? have a story? heard something quirky? snap a picture? think this is serious? doesn't make much sense? anything at all! just post one thing a day from 25 nov to 10 dec on thinking about violence against women"


So here is my story.

Lainie bugged me via MSN to help promote this campaign for her.
For hours.
She wouldn't stop going on about it.
I wanted to get her to shut the fuck up.
So I promised her this post.
And this is a perfect example of harrassment via the internet.
The end.

You have a story? Share it. Share it now.

Official website
The Suan, has been doing the everyday thing.
lainie too.



  1. The LAN plug is pink, the girl is pink. So do we plug the cable into the girl?

  2. With that cane she's holding I wouldn't go near her.

  3. So what is the story, huh?

  4. Is this some modern burn the bra movement thingy?

  5. That's rather S & M like if you ask me. Girl with cane. Cat 5 ethernet cable to tie the guy up with, because it doesn't leave any bruises! Give the guy an electric shock to the nuts, make him wear a bra and sew a microsoft mouse to his nose. That'll learn him! :-)

  6. "how you think violence against women connects with information communications technology"

    balding italian fag pestering a new online friend to see him masturbate over webcam.

    tho i suppose it's okay that the friend can't see what's he holding onto.

  7. gee the harassment will stop once you correct the spelling :)

    FA: THanks. :)


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