Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some Sort Of An Update.

Yesterday got crazy spike in traffic.

What were you fuckers looking for ah?

I see a lot of search for "bachelors".

Sorry ah. Here no bachelors. Only have bachelorette.

Who eats babies. And wash them down with vodka. Then watch reruns of Spongebob Squarepants. And cry herself to sleep at night.


Oh wait. Need to say something related to Takebacktech. See Lainie, I'm so nice.

Sometimes I hate TV. Billboard ads. Magazines. Newspapers. Giant posters.

Everything with advertisements on it.

They make me feel inadequate. And ugly.

Makes me sad. So sad I have to write bad haiku.

Models are so hot.
Perfect pouts, perfect bodies.
HULKRAGE crush 'em all.

In the end, female's perspective of perfect beauty is really dictated by men, thanks to the powers of advertisements and technology.

You put on that pretty skirt, that IN top, the pair of cute shoes, those mod accesories, ply your face with tonnes of fab make up - for who?

If you say it's JUST for yourself then you're fucking lying out of your ass. You sure as hell don't go to the club dressed in your hottest outfit to try to get your OWN attention.

HULKRAGE crush 'em all.



  1. wow, u r kinda piss off yeh???

  2. angry...ooohh... i like it when u get angry...

    nails.. crushing fists... oooh.

  3. not SHEHULKRAGE meh? but not so good for haiku rhyme.

  4. i know you won't believe me and think i'm farking lying, but really, beauty is overrated.
    sure it gets looks, wolfwhistles and a lot of drool, but at the end of the day it's about personality and chemistry.
    ps will get you jelly babies to ease the pain when i next come home.

    FA: You're fucking lying. Will you marry me? hehe

  5. I hate billboards filled with anorexic people. Yucks.

    FA: I don't like the anorexic looking ones either.

  6. you forgot your technorati tag.

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  8. I kinda agree that "female’s perspective of perfect beauty is really dictated by men".

    Which is why girls shouldnt be angry at their bfs for looking at pretty girls!

    FA: So it's okay if your dick gets chopped off and flung out from the window of a moving car right?

  9. :)

    that is why u shouldn't go to a party of hot chicks all dressed down. look how horrible u feel now :)

    but its okay, self esteem will heal itself in a few days time and u will think ur hot again.

    FA: WTH are you talking about? Geezus the psycho people who lurk here sometimes.

  10. YOU are complaining about being not thin enough?



  11. We know for who but we also know for what.

  12. I think you are hot... Yeap.. Very obvious from your post here.... Aihhh.. Datang bulan ker? Haha

  13. You're cute when you're angry. OK, you're cute all the time.

    FA: *blushes*

  14. "FA: So it’s okay if your dick gets chopped off and flung out from the window of a moving car right?"

    Hilariously harsh!

    FA, you are evil and that was a total non-sequitur. Insane reasons why I subscribe to this blog.

    FA: Thanks for coming back. :) Your comment(s) didn't show up earlier because somehow the wordpress machine thought it was spam. Must've been the word "dick"

  15. Sorry . . . typo . . . I meant Cheesie . . .

  16. Well hey . . . you also see guys in clubs with thier bling bling, fancy cars and well . . . these days, waxed eyebrows e.t.c. hehehehe :) . . . just pointing out the blatant irony . . . besides, you like cheezy no ?

  17. "In the end, female’s perspective of perfect beauty is really dictated by men, thanks to the powers of advertisements and technology."

    I can say it's the same for men as well. Aren't we all judged by how we look at times?

    FA: I think it's ALL THE TIME

  18. I call big steamin' B.S. on this. Women's perspective of perfect beauty is dictated in a large part by the women themselves.

    Evidence #1: Women's magazines. Hundreds of pages devoted to fashion, make-up, stupid sex/how-to-snag-a-man advice and airbrushed photos of unrealistic women. And there are a lot more women's magazines that those so-called "laddie" magazines like FHM.

    Evidence #2: It's a known fact that most women dress for other women. Hell, you all know you only need some T&A or a sexy black dress to attract men. You sure as hell don't need cute shoes/handbag/accessories that most men don't notice or recognize. Which hetero male actually says, "Hey! She's carrying latest Hermes Berkin in white that's only available in Europe!"??!??!!! No, bitches, it's for yourselves, not for the men.

    FA: Wah so angry.

  19. Aiyor now you ask me.
    Well. What are you offering for dowry? And are you willing to relocate to the US and be a doctor's wife? ;)

  20. There is no such thing as perfect body, except photoshop.

  21. don't mean to be a bitch here
    but ch, it's Birkin not Berkin.
    N all Birkins are custom made.

  22. pffftttt...birkin berkin...who cares?!

    see...only women will notice this sorta stuff...

    ch, i totally agree with u!!!

  23. What the fuck are you bitchin about!

    FA: I also dunno.

  24. Ahahahaha. FA: What you need is a man angrier than you are so you don't have to be. Think about that for a moment.


    eviegal: thanks for proving that men don't care and that I'm not gay. It's only women who obsess over things like bags, makeup, clothes and how you look. Men only care about the clothes on the floor and whether you swallow, not how skinny you are. Ahahahahahah. *scratches my balls* *burrrrrp* *slaps a random rabbit*

    FA: wah. Wolverine. I want.


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