Monday, November 20, 2006

The Ryan Star At Zouk Report.

So Ryan Star performed at Zouk last Thursday! It was freaking awesome! If you weren't there you totally MISSED OUT! FREE LIVE CONCERT SIAL! But don't worry, here is a recap, just because I am great.

Reshmonu opened the night. He sang a song of some sort which was quite Bangra like, accompanied by some dude on the Indian drum. Nobody boo-ed him. I sorta expected people to since I've always heard opening acts get boo-ed all the time. Malaysians are so civilised. How did we rank so poorly in the bloody courtesy survey again?


Then the Channel V boys came out to do their thang. Talked a lot. Asked ridiculously simple questions. Gave out freebies. VJ Dom is freaking hot!! Even with the Chinkiest eyes evAr. It is on my to do list to somehow get him to camwhore with me one of these days.


Then the Channel V girls came out to do THEIR thang. Talked a lot. Asked ridiculously simple questions. Gave out freebies. While looking very nose bleed inducing at the same time. DAmn these women can multitask. Sarah Tan is SO much hotter in real life. That body of hers DAYAMNN!! It's to KILL her for.


Finally after all that obligatory introduction and silly games - we FINALLY see RYAN STAR! WOOT! WOOT! He's so damn TALL standing next to backstage crew and pretty damn cute looking with the whole black eye liner tortured poet image going on for him. Yum! When he's not trying to be all hardcore emo, he's really this witty, down-to-earth guy, with a cheeky sense of humour. Awesome audience connection! It's very, very difficult to dislike him.

And man those pipes on him are fucking ROCKIN'. Singing live is one thing he definitely CAN DO.


His first song was performed with the piano. It was an original, and I forgot what the title was. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of his originals. Back of Your Car is the only song I can say I truly like - that also only with a BAND. Not the acoustic version. There's absolutely no doubt about it that Ryan Star is truly a great singer and performer, but the dude seriously needs to hire a good songwriter and a kickass band to take it to ANOTHER LEVEL WHERE WOMEN WILL START THROWING THEIR KNICKERS ON STAGE, you know? That sort of thing.

But man, rock and piano is like chocolate chip and vanilla ice-cream. Yum.


The sound system was whacked that night, which really pissed everybody off. More so Ryan. He travelled HUNDREDS of miles to Malaysia to perform barely an hour's worth of concert for FREE (for his fans I mean) and these fuckers can't even GET something as basic as THE SOUND RIGHT?!?!? If I was Ryan I would've freaking spilled some blood and skinned some ass!! ROAR!!!! Ryan was of course visible PISSED off and he quickly excused himself with a "Hang on I'll be right back. Gonna kick some ass", to the roaring approval of the crowd. Fucking awesome balls.


And Sarah Tan is just so damn hot. And standing tooooo close to me. I just had to...


"No flash photography please". No flash sure, but hell lots of photography! The moment Ryan stepped out, people were whipping out their superduper canggih camphones to steal a piece of him. Me included. And these picture were brought to you by my quite gay Sony Ericsson w810i, by the way. It's growing on me.


For his last song "Hole In Head", he's stomping his feet and requesting for the rest of us to do the same. Somewhere towards the end of the song, something happened to the guitar because it got all too quiet. What happened next was fucking awesome! Ryan took off the guitar, freaking threw it to the side of the stage, and finished the last few lines of the song without ANY background music whatsoever to PERFECTION! I nearly died there and then. Fucker REALLY can sing! Like SERIOUS MAD SINGING SKILLZ YO! Like, I want to fucking rip his vocal chords out and make it MINE!


Unfortunately Ryan only performed about... 6 songs that night for about 30-45 minutes? Which really sucked for us. I think most of the people who were there that night were anticipating for so much MORE, and expecting something more hardcore loud rock. I myself was expecting him to do more covers from his Rockstar Supernova days, but most of the songs he performed that night were his originals. :( He DID however, perform Back of Your Car and REM's Losing My Religion (that one song that earned him a hundred million points in Rockstar Supernova) which was visibly the crowd favourites! :)

IT ROCKED! If you weren't there you definitely missed out, losers!!111one.

Sadly, I didn't get to camwhore with him so I had to do the next best thing.


Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Bleh.

Ryan Star's own take of the night.
Reta Hot Chick was there too!
The Suan touched him! Bitch.


  1. So, was there a lot of "piano ting-tong" during the show? LOL

    FA: Unfortunately, YES. Hehehe But still a decent show lah.

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  3. ahhhhhhhhh of all the days not to go zouk it had to be the day ryan star was there .. bummer .. oh well can't have everything in life ... but not being able to see sarah tan ... grrrrrr ... excuse me while i find a wall to knock myself against with !!! hahahah

    FA: If Sarah Tan ever came up to me, told me I was hot and offered to make out with me, I WILL temporarily forget that I'm straight. Hot does not even BEGIN to describe her!

  4. with only six songs and way too much ting tong ting tong jeng jeng... that wasn't a rock concert, it was a freaking acoustic lounge singer performance.

    Twas good for the chicks though. drool drool drool. Sarah Tan. Slurp.

    FA: no need say anything lah just keep perving at sarah tan okay? it's up there just for you! hahahaha, perv!

  5. Hmmm he sounds damn cool according to your description. Not many stars kick ass here. Wish I was there. Blehz.

    FA: Well, some may argue he's not kicking enough asses yet!

  6. hmmm..whos' teh balak ? porn star ? piano playing porn star

    FA: My toyboy lah the fellar.. u dunno meh... just before we er.. eat cookies he always serenade to me every night wan mah.

  7. I noticed u are already a SonyEricsson convert.
    welcome to the club


    FA: Buy already must like mah. Takkan after so long still hate it meh?

  8. eh.. T & jean?
    u dint dress up?

    FA: Need meh? Not like I'm out on a hot date also. kekeke

  9. what's with the baggy jeans la? o_O

    FA: Er. It's COMFY? :P

  10. piffles: that's teh femes dragon jeans!

    FA: That's right yo! Bitch best recognise!

  11. the mtv vj do look hot !
    but not as hot as you my dear !

  12. I didn't go. I missed it. Waaaa....

  13. The way you dress I like. Suit you.

  14. I guess this means you had a good time. And for free!

  15. i prefer Maya Karin! not enuff pics of here in this post :).

    FA: SArah hotter lah!

  16. Seriously . .nice jeans, all you needed was a little mascara and you'd have the struggling poet in pain look as well hehehe :) . .cool really

    HEY HEY HEY ..whos' the other hot chick beside Sarah ?

    FA: Maya Karin. You may have seen her in local films like Pontianak Harum Sundal. And Pontianak Harum Sundal 2. As the pontinanak.

  17. Yup, she's hot. I have to admit though, I didn't know who Sarah Tan was until this entry. I'm therefore surprised to learn she's actually half English. That said, I'm not aware of her having any kind of media profile in the UK. (No, I don't live in a cave).

  18. Hey! I saw you at the concert! =)

    FA: WAh you so tall. :(

  19. Guys (and FA - albeit in a weird lesbo kinda way), i agree on Sarah's hotness butbut but sorry to disappoint everyone - Sarah Tan is also very the MARRIED. *do i hear the sound of dashed hopes?! aww pisshhh. hah! Thou shalt not covet someone else's wife! ... Maya Karin is not married so her 'hotness' level is still quite er, sizzling... and also FA lar, i rank u right up there with Maya Karin. U would make a stunning pontianak too. :)

  20. awww... sarah is married!! damn!! :) so who else is the hottest one around the block? FA? hehe..

    anyway, whats up with that jeans!? i thought you went for a make over not too long ago!!! aiyai yai... tsk tsk...

  21. Hey! Good to see another person that was there document this on their blog too hahaha!
    I was there with Cheesecakeerian and another friend of mine. If you look at the 8th pic in this post you can see me; I'm the one in the red top (all the way on the right hand side of the photo) :) I'm the 'other tall one' hahaha!

    Oh yes, and I love your jeans!

  22. Hey, I think I saw you at the show...:)

  23. Oh... Maya Karin is dating Flavia's Ex-Math Teacher. Lol! We saw him at the concert..

  24. Yeah, she is - that's why he was in the VIP balcony (and was able to see me all the way from up there...*awkward*). I didn't see her that night, but on a number of school occasions I saw the 2 of them together :)

  25. i think dom is so cute and so hot!!!


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