Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Filler #1743

Some common searches to my site.


Once in a while I get funny searches like these:


And this is just from this morning ONLY.

I'm gonna start a compilation.

I worry a little bit, the type of freaks who stalk my site.

But one thing I'm really curios though, how do you make an alcoholic love you?

(and if you blog, what are the weirdest search words have you come across your own blog?)


  1. the alcohol thingy i'm not surprised, you've promoted THAT beer of yours like mad here, hehehe... but granny sex? euwwww.

  2. FA = pole dancing .. now that's something I wouldn't mind checking out hahahahahah

  3. For some reason, I keep getting a lot of hits from Google Images - catfish. Why catfish?

  4. What about kicking and eating babies??

  5. to make an alcoholic love you, make sure you're as strong as a vodka..
    also give them a good strong punch.. haha

    saw someone who looked like u near the Shell @ Sri Petaling, but she had curly hair.. not u i suppose..

    FA: my hair still short and straight leh.

  6. haha.. gangbang.. must be that Ink Blot post..

  7. my keywords would be "great ass tattoos" and "orgasms". not surprising at all...

  8. lucky "having too much alcohol at home" isn't the solution.

    FA: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL *stomach ache*

  9. somehow i kept getting searches for 'rogol+ustazah' (i did a theatre review where those two words appear, but definitely NOT together in sequence like dat. but still.. what kind of people go online and look for websites related to that phrase? *shudder*

  10. Kinky. You sure you're not running a porn site or some such?

  11. gummy bears vodka
    fireangel wisdom tooth
    pole dancing sex fuck


  12. Q: How to make an aloc love youse?
    A: Own a distillery. Not a pub, but a distillery with those giant vats that said alco can go swimming in every morning.

    Weirdest search words to have led to my blog would be "face dildo". I'm not even sure how such a toy is supposed to work. Or why anyone would play with one. :P

  13. granny sex??!where did that come from?

  14. how do you track searches to your site?

    FA: Www.sitemeter.com

  15. wahaha...mine are pretty much worse than yours.

    though sometimes i get "lainie yeoh ipoh" then i'm like O_o

  16. i have no idea how to check. btw, i didn't know you had a fetish for granny sex. no wonder tak hirau youngsters like me la. meh. hahahahahaha *runsaway*

  17. boring la. where are the camwhore pics or emo rants?

    FA: Sorry. I damn lazy. I go stand in corner now. But do you think, f I took the effort to update at least THREE times a week I'll get even MORE traffic, hmmm? Doubt it loh.

  18. gosh... most outrages search word was "kidssex"!

    That was due to a funny cartoon that I had posted on my blog. Now I got flippin' peadophiles coming to my blog! Bah!

  19. how to check who search what to get to your blog?

    sorry, low tech bugger here.


    FA: I use www.sitemeter.com

  20. A little late but... I told you I'd remember!! hahaha!
    It was fun!

  21. By giving them free alcohol! Duuuuuuuhhhhh.

  22. Granny sex??? Wrinkled labia anyone??? :D

    "But one thing I’m really curios though, how do you make an alcoholic love you?"

    Errr, I thought the more you drink the prettier the other party gets? No? :D

  23. Please ler.

    Camwhore pics - once a week.

    On a Monday.

    It would be best giler start of the week.

    FA: Yeah I know. Crazy weekend. Damn tired now. I'll try to think of something.

  24. You'd think Granny sex would make tem end up on my site! ;-)
    [Or at least Grand Pa sex should send them there.]

  25. tell the alco that you own a bar.


    i get "barney sex", "die emo die", "gay dog"


  26. Kinky. You sure you’re not running a porn site or some such?


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