Friday, May 27, 2011

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

It's been almost a year since I've updated this blog.

This shall be the last post here, and soon, this blog will cease to exist.

I have on and off think about one day reviving this blog, but was never inspired enough to actually act on it. That, and there were some things in Real Life which didn't really permit me to.

I won't be paying for the domain nor server space anymore - no point lah, since I don't blog. I may however, move the archives to a blogspot or something. At least then if I wanted to, I could walk down memory lane from time to time - for some shit and giggles and to remind myself how idiotic I have been, and can be.

I'll miss this a little, of course. Been doing this since 2004...? I have made so many friends, made so many memories, got into so many adventures & some trouble too.

Actually I lied. I'll miss this a lot.

Thanks so much for sticking around, and for being part of this chapter of my life. Without the yous, there won't be a me.

Be seeing you around. ;)


  1. You can always move the whole blog over free wordpress, blogspot,etc

  2. Gonna miss all those expletives ridden, hulkrage fueled narrative.. One of my all time fav, written a couple of years ago,

    "Bastard animal go die and rot in the 47th circle of hell where armies of 7 feet lustful sodomisers with spiked dicks the size of a sea cucumber await for assholes like him to drop by for an eternity of back-door fun."

    Real classic. Bye FA .....

  3. Ah well... all the best wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

    I'm still blogging, although I'm writing more about books these days.

    Did you ever get that bottle of Absolut I left with KY some years back? Just wondering.

  4. FA don't need to rage anymore nowadays, got other ways to "release tension" :P

  5. keep it laaa, the free beer will more than pay for the space!

  6. Shame. Despite your absence from blogging I've still religously always returned to fireangelism in the hope that you had written. Don't think I've ever bothered for any other blogger. That password protected post is still a 'must read' since my imagination has created it into something mythical.

    Your writings, debased as it is at times (but all the better for it) remind me of the notorious food critic A.A.Gill who I quote wrote about a famous Parisian bistro (L'Ami Louis) "shiny, distressed dung brown" paintwork and "cramped tables..set with labially pink cloths, which give it a colonic appeal and the awkward sense that you might be a suppository".

    I'll vote +1 for the universe to lend your unique wit to return to some form of media, food writing?..I will at least will miss your insights down here in Australia.


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