Friday, February 19, 2010

Internal Thoughts.

Oh my god.

I am so totally aware that I should be sleeping right now because I actually do care about being able to function at work tomorrow. But the urge to blog is just too much to ignore. So here I am blogging at 2.15am on a Thursday night. shhhh. don't tell my boss okay. :PPPPPPP

why am i fucking blogging whenever i'm feeling extremely high ar. this is fast becoming a habit. am i turning alcoholic? do i actually creatively function better when I'm high? Wait. Don't tell me. I don't think I want to know. Let me enjoy this a bit longer.

I have to reiterate that the urge to blog in me is very high. Is just that I don't have my own pc, so.... it's inconvenient lah, which is why i dont bother.

Anyway. first thing first. clubbing in bamboo is fucking fun because the DJ plays MOSTLY danceable music. i say mostly because the fella likes to do the following which annoys the hell out of me:
1) plays a couple of songs more than once... not really complaining when he plays my favourite songs, but i don't feel the same about other songs which I don't quite enjoy.
2) plays karaoke-ish songs in the middle of the night. Karaoke-ish songs are only meant to be played at the END of the night lah idiot.
... other than night, fucker plays very very danceable music ...... thus far.

....and a 700ml black label for 300 bucks is still fucking overpriced for something i can get for 100++ bucks got 1 litre duty free at airport but what can i do about it, eh?

anyway, random shit time, because i'm high and can say almost whatever i feel like saying:

i'm 30. time is running out, but i'm still kinda young.

i wish i picked things up faster, but i know everything takes time.

i wish i had the natural talent to speak/sell/convince because it's so fucking relevant in life, but perhaps i will learn those eventually.... but why not NOW.

it's true what they say about "it's not what u know, it's who u know". unfortunately, my no bullshit assessment of myself is that i have neither, which means i have to work from ground zero, which sucks for me.

i know hard work counts for something but i wished i didnt have to work so hard.

i would probably go somewhere later in life, but i'm a impatient motherfucker who thinks too much so why not the hell now.

i know the fact that the only thing that is really stopping me from being truly great is myself - this might take forever to fix.

i really love to have a somebody, but right now when I'm high, i must say that it's better being alone than settling. in general lah.

i probably want too much too soon and have too high expectations which might mean that i'll never be happy - it's a good and bad thing ... right?

i don't care what u think, but i do truly love to dance, but the lack of basics, and with my fucked up knees means that there's a high possibility that i can never do it for a living. :)

my nieces are so cute. until they are naughty, which is when they are not cute and i'd feel like throwing them away, but the moment they are NOT naught i truly love them to bits.... until i remember what my brother told me " they are mine yeah, not yours. get your own ". sad. u think so easy ar? tiu.

lady gaga still rocks my socks.

i can't think of anymore.

till the next drunken post, goodnight.


  1. oh well I guess they have to pay for the DJ, venue, waiters, electricity & water bills, not to mention license to run the place, so on and so forth heh?

  2. It's ok .. you are not alone. I tend to work and function better when I'm in a state of drunkeness. : )

  3. hey ... at least you are honest.

  4. nice post!
    drink it up

    until then...cheers!

  5. WOW YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!

    So Happy?

  6. walao eh! u 30-adi ah! So fast?

    anyway... never seen u in bamboo be4!

  7. I got a quote that's perfect for you: AVOID HANGOVERS. STAY DRUNK. Heh heh.

    Idiot. Go get drunk one night before Mental Cocktail Party. HMPH!

  8. Being high is GOOD!
    Being drunk is BAD!
    Here's to everyone's highness!

  9. "i’m 30. time is running out, but i’m still kinda young."

    If you really thought you're kinda young you wouldn't be talking about your age and assuring yourself you're still kinda young.

    Seems the subconscious mind spilling into conscious in the blog and the bio clock is ticking.

    If you don't plan to have children that is fine. But biologically it's risky for the baby's health.

  10. why dont u consider operating your own club?
    you will be able to express yr best efforts in the joys of your life la...

  11. May I suggest you take dance lessons.

    Seriously. If it's the one thing you know you love, why not explore it fully? And don't think about doing it professionally. Think about it as something you can learn and improve on that'll be way easier than all the other shit you have to learn, because it's already something you know you love.

    That way, something you love can also become something you're good at, and something you can be proud of.

  12. i read your blog. i notice that you like to curse with foul languag. is it a must to do so?

  13. Po,P,P,P,Poker Face. Blogging is part of you, it's like an addiction lol.

  14. wah ... you blogged again. 3 times in 2010 already .. good job :P:P:p:P

  15. hahhaa..damm interesting to read. So care free. Just type any damm thing that comes into mind, ofcourse the Black labels helps a bit, I think.. hahha
    Hey, life's short to worry about anything but as long as it gives you to the income to enjoy the things you like, then some concerns on it is just fair.

    Such a nice change from other reads. So, what's next to blog about?
    How about the new trend of titanium-balled young cikus on the roads?

  16. Black label just screams "I'm a cheap slut"... Time to break out the single malt, honey ...

  17. Hello auntie, bila mahu update blog?!

  18. I rad you all the time, but been awhile i commented. Love your post.

    You need to write more often.. :)

  19. no advise for u, wish i can do the same, is all about now... not about things to do in some distance future.


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