Saturday, March 27, 2010

I still Love to Blog

Really I do. But I love my nieces better. They are cuter than my blog.

Also, I'm spending wayyy to much time at work. If not at work, then thinking about work. If not thinking about work, then dreaming about it. This is very unplanned for.. I just fell into it, really.

I still love you, dear friends and reader. I just have less of a life. and time. and energy. To update, or get involved. But that doesn't meant I don't think about it all the time, which I do, by the way.

I keep meaning to load up a collage of my twin nieces. But I spend too much time playing with them and taking pictures of them... and then conveniently feel lazy to make the pictures into a collage and load it up onto the web. :P Take my word for it, they are the cutest things ever. So chubby, and cute, and cuddly, and ohymgod it just melts my heart when they smile. I don't want to grow up too fast. Because once they'll do, they'll start talking, answering back, being rude, saying no, refusing to listen, slamming doors at your face... argh. Surly teenagers. I don't remember being like that... (though I'm sure my mum would beg to differ)

This is becoming a bad habit, me updating my blog only when I'm feeling high. It's like I'm only inspired when I'm high. Does that make me an alcoholic? No lah, I'm inspired by everything. The first rays of the morning sun. The chirping of birds. The smell of coffee. The taste of food. The smell of babies. Everything. I'm not an alcoholic. I'm a lifeaholic! :P

Now that I'm on a random blogging spree, better puke out everything I can think of:

Let's see, what are the last few movies I've watched.....
Avatar: Oooh, very pretty. The animals and plants, so pretty. But too freaking long. And one too many reminders of LOTR. But soooo pretty!
Alice in Wonderland: Weird. Alice in Wonderland to begin with, was already a weird story to begin with. Tim Burton took it to a whole new level. Disappointed with the Mad Hatter though. Expected him to be more, outrageous. He seemed too, controlled.
Sherlock Holmes: Rocked my fucking socks. Robert Downey Jr + Jude Law = fanfuckingtastic. I mean, apart from the actor, the storyline and the script was entertaining enough for me to love the movie!

Tv shows I'm currently trying to follow:
Glee: It's a guilty pleasure! Really! I really hate the very shallow storyline and always can't wait to get it over with until they perform.... but the lines they come up with sometimes, can be pretty darn funny and clever! I'm really liking r. schuester a LOT... though the sad thing is that I highly suspect that he is gay in real life. :(
AI: Not quite fantastic group this year. Not one person really stood out for me. It was just, meh. Is it just me or are the judges just really sound like they don't know what the fuck they are talking about anymore? My money's on Crystal or Siobhan. Crystal is actually original enough and Siobhan, like Simon says, it's a funny little thing. But if she keeps insisting on screaming at every single song ending, I'm going to strike her off faster than you can say "adam lambert"
So you think you can dance: love it love it love it love it...... until a couple screws up a performance, or when that annoying screeching thing who's a judge screeches like a dying hyena. The host, Cat Deeley, is really someone I can keep looking at without feeling bored. Ryan Seacrest could pick up a few pointers from her.

G6: Hate the place, most probably due to the fact that I hated the crowd. All these kids looked like they haven't even sat for their SPMs, what gives? Hate the DJ that was spinning on that night we were there. Some guys from Hitz. DJ Skeletor? Ohmygod. Unless G6 is meant to be a club for kids with a 5 second attention span, DJ skeletor should've been sacked yesterday! Thank god there was good company to save the night.
Zeta Bar: Very age-appropriate place. Nice life band, but after 2 nights, realised that their sets are pretty much the same. I had great company, so both times I was there, it was awesome.
Marketplace: For a foam party. Helluva fun! Mostly because of the good company, and excellent DJ. Except 2 days after, my skin started to peel like a freaking snake shedding it's skin. A little embarrassing when it's on your face. At work. But FUN fun FUN!

- I want to whiten my teeth. I've been thinking about it for too long already. Time to actually DO something about it.
- I'm feeling relieved and excited about something I did this evening. I haven't felt like this in a while with regards to "this". Fingers crossing, I hope it works out. I know I'm being annoying cryptic. So sue me.
- I'm actually a little jelak of Hoegaarden. Going to try my best to stay away from it for the next couple of months. Keep the killkennys coming though.


damnit. I ran out of juice.

till the next random update.

muah to the 2 of you for still sticking around.


  1. use photovisi for the collage, it's awesomesauce max!

  2. I've waited someone to post the first comment.. looks like no one did.

    Ok.. FIRST!!!!!!!111111!!!!!111!!!!

  3. Eh if you only blog when you're high then you should blog like damn alot kan?

  4. If getting you high is the only way to update your blog then I say keep the booze flowing, DAMMIT!

    Cheers (no pun intended).

    Jay "Drank For 26 Days Straight" Walk

  5. lansi... kerja sebelah bangunan pun tak hirau. sob.

    but ditto what tanyeehou commented.

  6. FINALLY!!! AN UPDATE!!!!!

    hehehe today was really jinxed ahahaha...

    so anyways, u still owe me lunch =)

  7. gchop: actually i was first, my comment is still under moderation, so FA APPROVE MY EFFIN COMMENT CAN!

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo.... please, please, pleaseeeee don't blog about babies - it's even worse than puppies!

    It's great to see you back, but it seems you've been body snatched and replaced by some dewy eyed, maternal alien clone.

    Less of the angel and more of the fire!

  9. "but it seems you’ve been body snatched and replaced by some dewy eyed, maternal alien clone."


  10. Drink more, blog more - kthxbai.

  11. Magical Yellow HammockApril 1, 2010 at 5:26 AM

    Teeth whitening !

    I have always wanted to do that (or correctly said .. wanting to know more about it...)

    So yeah - once ur done with the process (teeth whitening), kindly enlighten us readers with your experience.

    Looking forward to that chapter.


  12. hm.... this time's puke is less venom-ising hahaha.. nevertheless, random as she goes..

    looks like you are not the only one around that's been hard at work. It seems that the local blogging community have somehow slowed down. Probably all at work running the rat race until after the 1st.half of the year at least, in a hope that there will be more rewards forthcoming at the end of the fiscal year..
    Less activities almost every elsewhere where a short break and off to hit the sag and be charged for the next day..

    keep bloggin AG as it relaxes me..hahha.

  13. what bad habit, it's a good habit :P

  14. You know, I think I've been complaining about kiddy clubbers for more than a decade already... that makes me so old..

  15. Please keep on blogging! Love to read your irreverent stuff that you wrote and posted - brings cheer to an otherwise bland life! You have a way with words, with our without the expletives.


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