Monday, February 1, 2010

Of Clubbing and Dancing.

Fuck I really want to blog more but I'm spending too much time at work and with life. Sorry. I feel really bad because I have so much to type about, but just can't be arsed to. Anyway......

Am a little high now so may be incoherent. you've been warned.

I'm sure i've mentioned this before, but I really do enjoy clubbing.

the music. the atmosphere. the drinks. the company.

Ppl say I think too much. that I'm too uptight. that I'm emo. I care too much.

Perhaps they are right. BUT.

When the music is good, the company is right, the drinks are plenty - I am none of that.

I prance around with my hands flaying about like a monkey on heat. I say whatever without giving a shit. I wear whatever I want - cargo pants, sneakers, tshirt - as long as I'm comfortable.

So if you're judging me on that night by how I act, look or dance - why should I care? I don't know you. You don't even KNOW me.

Someone once shared with me that his "me" time was when he was making his own coffee from scratch. The moment people see him making coffee, they know to leave him alone. It made me wondered what MY alone time was.

I finally figured out tonight that my "me" time was with some booze, some decent music and a dance space.

That's when I don't really give a shit about anything else but my own enjoyment. That's when I can lose myself. That's when I don't give a flying fuck what you think. That's when I forget about everything. That's when I feel fucking great.

Which is why I don't quite enjoy lengthy, philosophical conversations at clubs. Or any conversation for that matter. Don't enjoy random guys trying to chat me up. Hate the lack of a dance floor or shitty music.

Which is also why I prefer dancing with women because THEY DON'T EXPECT TO GO HOME WITH ME.

Not saying I'm hot. Or a great dancer. But you know how it is at clubs, right?

I would dance with a guy, if he knew that he's not getting anything from me. I would dance with a guy if he can kind of dance. Of course, bonus points if he is semi-cute when in the dark and when I'm high. But it's all very subjective because I don't really care about anyone else but ME during my "me" time. I'll just do whaever makes me happy.

I sure the rest of the world thinks different but I want to go to a club because I just want to enjoy myself. I want to get lost in the moment. I don't want to give you my number. I don't want your name. I don't want no goddamn conversation. I don't want to go home with you. I just want to dance. Unless you feel the same way, just leave me the fuck alone please. Please. please. Stop wasting my time and yours.

Hello, nobody decent really wants to get laid at a Club by a random stranger okay.

At leasts not me anyway. So just leave me alone, and just dance! Gonna be okay! just dance! spin that record babe! just dance! dance! dance! dance! dance!


  1. If there is a like button, i'll just press it there and then

  2. If there is a like button, i'll just press it there and then
    Forgot to say solid post. Looking forward to reading your next post!

  3. there you are....clubbing i see! when r u coming out to eat? eat is a form of ME time too cibai

    FA: I got eat with you all mar... :) Just not every single day loh... want to eat mum's cooking mar :)

  4. yeah! Have seen you dance on the table during company dinner..


    FA: ON THE TABLE?!?!?!??! Are you sure?!?!?!

  5. it's good that you identify your me time. everyone are entitled to have me time for themselves. away from people judging you and to sink into your own world. your own trance. your own cave. it's such a liberal feeling!

  6. Not sure when my 'me' time is, I guess at home alone watching some 'manly' TV series like Prison Break, The Shield or Sopranos with a pint of Gin & Tonic and a pack of pringles.

  7. "me time" shouldn't be more than a day in a week!

  8. I dance without alcohol to boost me lol.

  9. Call me again next time you wanna go dancing. LL likes dancing also. And I could always use drinks :D BTW when you wanna get your Absolut glass!

  10. can sooooooooo identify with this post!! :)

  11. I'm 100% positive... 1st time in my life seeing someone dancing on the dining table infront of 3000 staffs + datuk2 & directors of company

    what more shocking was that, this girl was damn quite during office hours...

    FA: Hmmm. I remember this. But you left out some facts leh. 1) it was after the official event and 2) senior managers were dancing on the table too. Great times! :)

  12. those arent important facts lol... anyway thanks for the entertainment...

  13. FA wanna dance with me? but i can't dance. LOL

  14. Unfortunately, I am not even semi-cute in the dark.

  15. eat with #porkgang is ok but drinking w u guys. . . .i'll be dead.

    Heard u r a great dancer! Enjoy!

  16. hehehe nice partying with u last night... ahaha..

  17. I can't find a club with decent tune nowadays.

    Thank god for alcohol though for muffing my ears.


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