Friday, February 6, 2009


Herro. Sorry for the delayed note. My lovely employer has banned this website due to its adult/mature content. lol. Which is not exactly a bad thing because it helps keep me somewhat low key (as if lah I'm like damn femes or what)

Well, this is just a quick note to inform you that my blog is not being hijacked.

Please bear with its uh, bareness for the moment while it's being cleaned up.
Meanwhile - feel free to check out my old posts or something, k :)


P/s: Herro! I don't blog at work lah. And neither should you!


  1. I thought you went for drinks @ WIP. Instead it's really just WIP. lol.

  2. Seriously, don't change anything because its fine. If you cannot update, then you might want to consider after office hours. What you blog is your own because it has nothing to do with the office.

    Failing that, just get another blogsite.......

  3. Who is your employer? Once we place a fatwa on his/her head, things will go back to normal.

  4. what?...meaning we'll never see FA in the nude? sigh...damn u world y must u take away all hope...
    i enjoy reading cause it is "mature" content. it's raw and it's just you being you.
    "mature" is just relative anyway. finger to the management, to where it hurts the most...

  5. WTF WTF man!!!

    what happened to all the drunkard pictures?? I mean, Not a drunkard pictures... haha

  6. wtf? why ban? fuck lar. hahaha

  7. awww... i miss the cute fireangel profile photo...

  8. You mean you're blogging on work time? Serious no-no. Unless you totally hate your job and prefer not working. In case you don't know already - not working does not equal holiday.

    FA: No lah I dont. But I used to be able to check it out to see if everything is okay mah. I didn't even know that my blog was down until I finally checked it at home during CNY.

  9. Does this means you'll have to remain anonymous or you'll blog 'cleanly' after this?

    FA: I still blog lah. doesnt matter what.

  10. hahahaha....u can update every night, or sat n sun.


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