Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obligatory Happy Suckers Day Post.

This Valentine's thing was cute when you were 12 and had that crush on that cute girl for almost a whole year before and finally decide to take the chance and buy her a little pink card decorated with little heart shapes and shiny thingies to pour out your feelings towards her.

It's not so cute anymore when you're in your twenties, running around the shopping mall trying to buy your girlfriend of a few years oh my god ANYTHING you can get your sweaty paws on just to represent how much you "love" her.

Is it so hard to show someone you love that you love her/him everyday of the year instead of spending stupid ridiculous amounts of $$$$ on just ONE day of the year just because hallmark told you so? Stop it lah. Want to be so generous ar? Be generous everyday lah tiu. Why just spend only on one day? Why just be romantic on just ONE day?

This single awareness day business is also stupid lah. What anti-valentine's celebration? It's just the other face of the same bloody coin lah.

Ultimately, 14th February should just be another ordinary day for anybody older than 16.

Because every fucking day should be valentine's day.

So please continue to keep to ply me with nice presents and free stuff at anytime of the year, kthx.



  1. Everyday should be a drinking day too!

  2. OMG, you sound bitter. Heh.

    Wanna go to that single's party? HAHAHAHAHA...

  3. I can't get you anything, even share my 95% full bottle of Amarula because you're not in KL.........

  4. Tried that show-your-love-everyday thing, but when I buy flowers for my wife on any day OTHER THAN Valentine's, she gets suspicious and actually quite bitchy. So Valentine's Day only, it is.

  5. I agree with you on this, Valentines just becomes rather bothersome over the age of 16. I cant even buy anything for my girlfriend because I cant find the one thing to represent how much I do love her. And even if I could I would rather just be with her on that day. To me its more important than buying things... valentines has just become a sad day instead of a happy day.

  6. so what did YOU get up to on v-day then?!

  7. Okaylah, will give you present on 2nd of August.

  8. everyday drink beer! that is love in the highest degree!

  9. I spotted Fireangel in Singapore on the day before Happy Sucker's Day!!!

    Yeay... damn... no balls to say hi to her and ask her to be my Valentine.

  10. Watched the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

    One of the best quote "You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go."

    In this case, u gotta let the v-day event go. :p

  11. You abso-fucking-lutely right about Valentine's Day. It is a Hallmark Cards invention. LOL...Restaurants all over the place were minting money on VD (see? even sounds like a disease. Min and I decided to go out for dinner. VD was just the day I picked. And we found Las Caretas in Damansara Heights offering a VD set dinner for RM69++. Not bad at all. YUMMY mushroom soup, choice of Aussie grain-fed ribeye or some fish which was deeeelicious but which name escapes me now, dessert and coffee. Now with prices like that for the kind of food we enjoyed I sokong. It should be Valentine's Day every fucking day.

  12. But VDay is the only day I get any love!!!!!
    Okay, I lie, I don't get any love this day either ...
    But, it's been around a lot longer than Hallmark or any other stupid card company. It's almost 2000 years old (well, closer to over 1000) and why not have a day when you can be romantic. Maybe you do need to show your love the other 364.25 days of the year, but having one guaranteed day at least means you won't be forgotten ... just don't buy over priced flowers or other crap. Spend it on something more meaningful ... like beer. :-) [Or in a case of a non-drinker like me .. pizza] :-)

    I am a bit worried about you talking about having a crush on a 12 year old girl when you were younger and going out to buy your GF a present ... you haven't gone all Lainie on us have you????? :-)

  13. You are officially my dream girl for writing this post. Seriously.


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