Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coldplay Live

I'm watching the Grammy's rerun.

That Coldplay lead singer really can't even hold a decent tune to save his life.

And this is not my first time watching these guys perform. Every single time I see time performing live the lead singer's always having trouble holding the melody, or reaching the notes- then he ends up talking his lyrics out.

What the fuck???

Are you really sure you want to spend like 200++ bucks to see him sing live?


  1. i've paid 300bux to watch them live. he sounds perfect. it was an awesome show, actually.

    i think its just an awards show thing.

    FA: But this is not the first time I've seen him performed "live". I think I've seen them performed live 3 times signing viva la vida and every single time, he's either talking the lyrics out or barely reaching the notes. I swear it!!!

  2. actually, Coldplay is pretty good live. I think it's just the damn song, maybe he doesn't like singing it. hahaha.

  3. the thing u dun wanna do is spend monaay and watch any live acts in Singapore.

    Damn con job.

  4. well at least he didnt do a 'mili vanila' ^_^

  5. hated them from day one. I'm with you.

    Check out their youtube videos of em ripping off Joe Satriani's song note for note.

    Coldplay, waste time only.

  6. Chris Martin did say he wanted to retire. Before he hits 30 I think. Maybe now is a good time.

  7. Haven't really listen to the song. I am not quite a English radio listener.

  8. I'm watching them on March 3. Hope they don't disappoint!

    play the scientist Chris!!!!

  9. It isn't easy to get in tune in one song. First of all at award shows the foldback and mixing is all being used by multiple groups, some who use their own sound engineers and others who get stuck with someone elses engineer.
    So, easy for the foldback to be wrong and Martin unable to hear the song clearly enough to get in tune ... plus if his vocals were not quite warmed up properly (hard to do your warm ups when you have to be seen sitting in the audience most of the night).

    Then there is the fact that most performers just have bad nights. Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck have all been known to have had nights when they were not on fire. [I know this as I just read it in a guitar magazine! And we all believe what we read in magazines ... right?] :-)

    Dax - I also want to retire before I hit 30 ... all I need is the fountain of youth and a mountain of money! :-)

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