Wednesday, August 1, 2007

i is sorreh.

It's ironic.

I pay for my hosting now.
But I almost don't update anymore.


Sorreh. I is verry busehs.

Still haven't gotten the hang of the job yet.

Work is literally taking up all my time, and by the time I get home at night, even if I really wanted to, I'll won't even have the energy to switch on the freaking PC to watch pr0n (I don't even have pr0n. wtf.)

Anyway. Happy new month! I will officially be 27 soon. Don't ask me self-reflecting questions or questions relating to my achievements because it might make me want to GOODBAI WORLD slit my throat and end it all kthx.

Updates soon? Maybe? Well there better be!


  1. Work is more important than to feed us trolls =p


  2. eh relac lah.
    jus do the best you can...
    get used to it soon, we miss u.. all 5.1 of us.

  3. Shit, not even enough energy for porn? That's how you know a situation is dire.

  4. Usual la. When you pay for you own stuff, it ends up as an overpriced paperweight collecting dust; virtual and all.

  5. More birthdays means more free birthday shots every year down at the pubs ;)

  6. sh!t you not. Haha... you really losing ur grip, my dear.
    It's time again of your life.
    Err, relating to Gummy Bears.
    Make some Gummy worms or Gummy babies.

  7. if you call yongfook's self-portraits pr0n....

  8. PrOn generates energy, it doesn't take it away! Think of all that friction between bodies it produces! Heat Energy!!!
    Therefore, come home, watch prOn, then you'll have enough energy to blog! :-)

    If you don't beleive me, think of all those self centred popular bloggers who are a bunch of w@nk3rs when you meet them in real life! Obviously they've been watching too much pr0n!!!! ;-)

  9. im sure that boobies would settle all.

  10. U don have teh pr0n? Ey, dun lai. That's a Pho Phuc Lai!

  11. i like drinking too!!! drink every week, thanks to my alcoholic housemates. we got chivase black label and smirnoff!! lol. and my favourite toy is my mp3 player too.


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