Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why the Hell Did Gwen Still Give Us a Concert...

... when she could've just told us to fuck off for being such a pain in her ass.

Stolen from the People online magazine.

Gwen Stefani played Malaysia as a cover girl. Actually, make that a covered girl.

The singer, 37, revealed next to no skin while performing Tuesday before some 7,000 cheering fans at an indoor stadium.

The new dress code followed some fears expressed by Islamic critics that Stefani's revealing concert costumes might corrupt the country's youth, the Associated Press reports.

Bursting onto the stage in a short-sleeved shirt and black-and-white striped hot pants suit over a black leotard (with black gloves up to her elbows), Stefani announced, "I am very inspired tonight."

What she was inspired to do was, in fact, put on a fashion show, donning a different outfit for every song – among them: "The Sweet Escape," "Rich Girl," "Wind it Up" and "Hollaback Girl." (Cameras were banned from the performance.)

Stefani's vow of modestly came as a result of a charge by the 10,000-member National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students that her revealing outfits and cheeky performances clashed with traditional Islamic values.

The opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party also blamed her for promoting promiscuity and corrupting the nation's youth.

Under Malaysian government rules, a female artist must be covered from her shoulders to her knees. Also prohibited: jumping, shouting or throwing of objects onstage or at the audience. Talent may also not hug or kiss, and their clothes must not carry obscene or drug-related images or messages.

Speaking to the local entertainment publication Galaxie, Stefani said she had adapted her act to Malaysia, which she termed a "major sacrifice."

"I've been in the music industry for 20 years and this is the first time that I'm facing opposition from people who have misunderstood me," she was quoted as saying – adding, "I'm not a bad girl."

So.. because I'm a complete retard.... I've got silly question to ask - how does an artist's costume and an artist makes one promiscuous and corrupted? I also went to university, even got my degree and everything, but I swear I've never heard that kinda thing before lah. Sigh, maybe I slept through that module and missed the entire bit about how performers and what they wear make everybody want to indulge in drunken drugged orgies.

Well if that's the case then they should try and ban Astro also mah. Got MTV. Got Channel V. Got all the rapper videos with their big booty scantily clad women. Even our local artists also must ban lah. Hannah T and her sorry excuse for soft porn MTVs. Reshmonu's MTV full of skimpy hot chicks dirty dancing ala gangster rap style. I'm afraid I might just fuck everybody lah.

Also, why not ban Mawisux? Not only Mawisux is an ugly fuck and can't bloody sing for shit, he was also involved in so many freaking HUGE scandals which was splashed ALL over the news. Don't his scandals clash with traditional Islamic values and contributes to the corruption of today's youth? No ah?

I guess not lah. Which explains why his barf inducing face is still on instant noodle packaging and giant billboards lah, and why so many kids still worship the ground he walks on. I bet your little toe that the there are SOME people from the same group who protested against Gwen Stefani were the SAME people who are still BIG FANS of Mawisux..... but of course, my statement here carries as much weight as the statement which implies that foreign artists gives me this uncontrollable urge to jump on every stranger I meet on the street.

Talk about double standard.

I wouldn't blame Gwen one bit if she had decided to stop her tour at Singapore and give us the finger. But nooooo! Not only did she NOT cancel her performance or pull some silent protest stunt on us, she gave into the restrictions and even had the cheek to give us a helluva awesome performance.

Sigh. She's so awesome lah.

And that's all I've got to say about that. Kthx.

OHAI! I want 2 B Harajuku gurl 2!


  1. "Even our local artists also must ban lah. Hannah T and her sorry excuse for soft porn MTVs. Reshmonu’s MTV full of skimpy hot chicks dirty dancing ala gangster rap style." + Mawisux example

    EXACTLY! bloody double standards indeed. just cause she's a westerner, then those bigots assume the worst. even the local celebs dress skimpily but no one is complaining. probably cos they are all too busy drooling over the pics la. gah! thanks for making msians seem like we're sooooo incapable of self-control that mere sight of bare arms and legs drive us nuts. idiots!!!!

  2. I am so with you on this.

  3. why no pictures of gwen or hannah t?

  4. who the fuck will want to see hannah t's pictures?

  5. Why double standards?? dont 4get, this country is 1 who will apprehend and prosecute a fellow citizen for being creative in rapping it's national anthem (albeit vulgar, but content is true) even after public apology has been made, but will not condemn its own MPs for being MCPs by criticizing women during the "bocor" incident some months back.... We should be thankful Gwen was still wiling 2come entertain us in SEA......anyway Happy Merdeka!!!

  6. I read the headline today, and was curious to see how it played out in Malaysia. Thanks for posting the article from People online magazine, typos and all. I'm also glad to see that you are covered below the knee in your photo. You wouldn't want to attract any unwanted attention from the government. It appears that two very bored activist groups have decided to make an example of Ms. Stefani.

  7. i hold firmly to the belief that the protesting students wanted some free tickets, that's all

  8. HAHAAH what a coincidence. Was just talking to my husband the other day about Gwen's concert, if she would kena from the watchdogs and ended up in the same situation as Mariah Carey and Jolin Tsai. I'd supposed its the same cycle everytime!!

  9. Who the fuck is this "10,000-strong" (bullshit) student group and how come never heard of them before? Where the fuck were they when people's homes were illegally torn down? Where the fuck were they when highways were cracking, MRR2 was closed for 3 fucking months? Where the fuck were they when Samy Vellu said we needed RM21 million more to inspect leaking roofs? Where the fuck were they when no action was taken against people who profit by selling APs without doing anything productive?

  10. Some people are js super hypocrites and full of shit. Enuff said.

  11. 'how does an artist’s costume and an artist makes one promiscuous and corrupted?'

    Artists lack of costume can make some people horny ... artist can make one promiscuous if they sing about promiscuous things ... of course, taking into a account that Gwen is married to Bush front man Gavin [forgot his last name] and they have kid/s etc, I can't find anything in her lyrics [that I've heard] to suggest that she's singing about being promiscuous or anything like that.

    The problem lies in the minds of those who are watching and passing judgement.

    The arguement that some of these people make is similar to 'rock music' or 'jazz' being the devil's music and causing people to reject God because apparently the notes and the beats are evil. [How do you hit an evil note? How can you tell if a beat is evil?]

    I would dare to say that Gwen, being the calibre of talent that she is, probably saw the restrictions as a way to be creative. It would have provided her with a challenge that she gladly took up and won. I think it is great that she respects her fans so much that she still came.

    Oooo, fotogurafu desu! Anata wa Kawaiiiiiiii!!

  12. they blame the raped victim for dressing too sexy instead of castrating the go figure...Imagine this mindset " Saya rogol kerana you pakai sexy, apa salah saya?"

  13. Maybe it's a kind of bumiputra law?

    So the only people allowed to "corrupt" youth over there are local "artistes" and not those "foreigners"?


  14. if they ban channel 70 and 71... it's gonna be your fault.

  15. At least Gwen S. wasn't wearing a burkha. That would've really sucked lah.

  16. its PAS la. what do u expect? if they can hv it their way, they'll turn this country into saudi arabia, complete with sand.

  17. u always have something smart to say huh. im with you on this... its totally crap shit with these ppl. brains in their backsides, tats why we have all this redtape in concerts and events...

    we have the right to see and watch wat we want. those who are not allowed to watch all this kinda sexy stuff, dont go la! stupid!

    tats why malaysian concerts and open spot parties suck big time!!

  18. I wonder if they'll let me into the country if they found out I appeared naked on stage. Well, not completely naked, I was wearing a pair of socks ... and to protect the socks I put some sneakers on over the top ... and it was a little chilly so I was also wearing a T-shirt, but the T-shirt was a little thin, so I put a jumper on over the top, and a pair of boxer shorts one ... along with a pair of trousers and a hat ... but other than that, I was completely naked underneath it all!!!! :-)

  19. If always like this, other artists will be scared to come here and performed edi lor. No entertainment d.

  20. Congratulations! We are now the laughing stock of the world because of our very conservative government performance guidelines and the extremist views of PAS and the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students.

    While we are at it why not welcome the homeless Taliban to run the government and rename our country Myran or Saudi Malaysia?

    So much for Visit Malaysia Year 2007 should be Laugh at Malaysia Year 2007

    ps. for those of you looking for some pics and videos, I have some on my site. Fireangel, I totally agree with you, Gwen was not only awesome...she was also damn sporting by climbing on the ledge at the back to sing Cool.

  21. Pas already import camel.. just waiting for sand..... haha

  22. Dabido: if you are ever invited over for a concert, I shall personally lead the demonstration against allowingyou to perform here. haha.

  23. Negara M'sia sums it all up isn't it?

    Oh well... I wonder if they are gonna search for my IP and arrest me the next time i cross the causeway.



  25. Haha, did somebody mentioned double standards?

    I witness them with my own eyes, everywhere! Once, I stepped into PWTC, the invigorating air-cond caressed me. Then I smell acrid smoke. Turning my head I saw *oh my god* those ppl clad in baju Melayu smoke without feeling a single bit of shame. Who are they? They're the so called high class outlaws! Even ppl with common f***ing sense will know they shouldn't smoke. See?!

    I know those protested know how to make noise! Make noise can induce pembangunan ke? Just a slip of their tougue and they're insulting ppl, just like Nik Aziz said what "moral decay a cause of AIDS epidemic". In reality, most women are infected b/c they're ignorant of what AIDS actually is! Just see how they're making a mess out of us! And the next day Marina Mahathir rebutted "He's insulting the widows, please make an apology".

  26. Naggety-nag...nag.
    Aiya, you are young and pretty. Why nag so much?

  27. gwen stefani is a poserla, from a rock group lead singer,now singing crappy pop songs to get into the mainstream.. fuck ..


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