Tuesday, July 24, 2007




Goddamnit. Must have happened when those people moved my blog about and didn't update the files. Shit.

ANYWAY. This is just to inform all 5 of you (that's left) that my blog is now up and running! So is the CPU at home! So more frequent updates to be expected from this WEEKEND onwards! :)

Oh yeah, but my Canon koyak already. So camwhoring pictures... well. put on hold okay? Please, can somebody recommend me a camera which is
1. not so expensive
2. no need high-tech manual options and shit, just basic functions will do
3. slim and compact, not heavy
4. good for night pictures
5. can last longer than 2 years and
6. erm. not so expensive.

Or better yet, buy me one. My birthday coming soon anyway. :P

*Tak tau malu*

AND because this blog is all about you and so and so forth, tell ME what would YOU like to see MORE from this blog. I'm getting a little too tired to come up with original crazy harajuku, kill gummy bears shit to scare you guys with thanks to my slaving job. TELL ME SOMETHING, otherwise I might end up writing about what I ate for breakfast. What time I woke up this morning. Where I went and what I said she said he said they heard.

Request for nekkid pictures will be dealt accordingly. By kitten eating killer ninjas. Who will rip you into pieces with furious anger. So don't be a fuckhead.

Overdue Singapore post should be up this weekend.

See you soon! :)


  1. My wife bought a neat little Pentax digital camera 6 months ago for about RM700 and we both love it. We looked at the Nikons and Canons in the same price range but the Pentax stood out by miles for us. Much better value.

  2. You ask for it.

    Bet all male readers will pool money and buy one for the birthday. But... what if they ask you to post harajuku ?

  3. Your pictures loh. I don't know what is not so expensive for you. i bought panasonic lumix for rm1000. night photo is cool if u take it with stand. hopefully last more than two years. btw, what happenned to your canon? fell down on the ground?

  4. Mamak Mechanic MasterzJuly 24, 2007 at 7:35 AM

    I want an Auntie Angel section where I can discuss and seek help for my issues. Namely,

    1) I like girls but they suck.
    2) Girls like me but girls that like me, suck.
    3) I can't find Bleach #135.

  5. Mamak Mechanic MasterzJuly 24, 2007 at 7:51 AM

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    When they do somethin stupid
    They just 'xplain by passing the buck
    To Monthly Ol' Auntie Flo
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    Watch out for gold diggas my niggas
    Stand your ground and don't be suckas

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    But 'course, ain't gonna be a cheap date

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    Know that we still have each other
    You can stand under my Umbrella

    After I hear that on Fly FM at 3pm,
    You wanna hear the punchline?
    I look out mah window and Bam!
    KL starts rainin'.. and that's... just.. fine..

  6. I will sell you my vintage 2000 Canon Powershot S30 for RM800. Some of the buttons still work. Great for nekkid pictures.

  7. my sis bought a canon ixus 70, it's great :) it's affordable, and slim, too!

    the "lag" time between pressing the button and capturing the scene is negligible, i've done my candid shots with it... the nightshots are great too, the accessories include a mini-tripod (it's so cute :D) that's perfect for placing on a table-top. :)

    i think u'll like it.. :)

  8. Hey yo.

    Haven't been to your blog in a-whiles.

    Corporate dragon lady already ah? You look good. Oh wait, delete than "dragon lady" and substitute with just "lady".

    My humor is nonexistent.

    My life empty.

    Please oh please upload some more photos; photos that'll be my salvation into the eternal life.


    I'm so weird/eccentric (weccentric?)


  9. hmmmm
    disposable camera? last time i checked, it was pretty fricken cheap. its not too high tech, its pretty light, and u can get one with a flash for nite pictures. it can also last u 2 years if u take 1 photo a month :P

    and i think i know why ur post got removed.... the exabytes pple deleted it cause u were bitching about them in ur post.
    i think u should bitch about them again to see whether they delete it again :)

  10. In that case, can I have nekkid pictures of the kitten eating killer ninjas. please.

  11. MMM - Regarding your problems 1 & 2. We charge extra for girls who suck!!! So stop complaining!!!! :-)

    FA - Welcome back.
    That other post must have been your imagination, I was here yesterday [and every other day] and never saw such a beastie!
    I can't recommend any camera. Isn't ST the man you want to speak to concerning Cameras?
    I won't buy you one for your B'Day as 1. I don't earn enough and 2. you don't love me enough. You'll have to settle for the present I sent you via Suan!

    Hmmm, what do we want to see here. How about what you ate for breakfast. What time you woke up this morning. Where you went and what you said she said he said they heard.

    And what you're telling us about the Nekkid pictures, is if we ask for them, you'll send Chen the Ninja Kitten after us! lol ;-)

    Just blog. If you bore us or offend us we'll leave ... well, maybe some of us will leave. lol ;-)

  12. Go get the Canon Ixus 850 IS. Good for night shots and movement and it's slim too. Image stabilizer works wonders. It's also cheaper since the latest model of Canon compact with IS was launched recently. If ur seeking for cheaper model then go Canon Powershot A570 IS...slightly bulkier but still lightweight.

    I don't recommend the canon ixus 70 coz it's expensive and there are not many features.

  13. Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7.2MP, should be about 700 RM and seems to fit the spec you need

  14. Tell you what, you can hire me as your photog. That way you don't have to buy a camera. I work cheap too.

  15. ya fuji f31 fd best. only RM 800 these days

  16. I got a nice Fujifilm which I can give to you. But you'd have to use it as a trade-in for a new camera as my daughter totally totalled it. Ha ha ha ha

  17. my 1337 ninjas > your ninjas


    But that would mean getting stonewalled by every other hot blooded male this side of the blogger-sphere ...

  18. Don't bother getting a nikon camera. It sucks horse's balls. If you can afford it, it's either IXUS or LUMIX.

  19. opps..wat i meant was good quality but veli murah liao..hehe..

  20. woman...u went all the way to land of cheap digital stuff and u didnt get one?? hehe..singapore is the place for cheap quality digicam's maam..even after the conversion..;) hv a notti weekend

  21. FA,FA,FA
    If you need a camera
    no need to look far far
    from PJ to KL not so far
    many shops are there in Pertama
    Check out one called Selangor-lah
    This Chinaman shop got good offer
    If good cheap cameras are when you are after
    Canon is a good brand but only if u use it well
    if not then it's Blood Hell
    If you got budget try Fuji
    It has made be glad and am sure will make you happy
    It's a bit pricey
    but what the heck, gives you less worry


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  23. OH HAI!


  24. I couldn't understand some parts of this article WTF?, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  25. I recommend the Canon Ixus 70 affordable,great pics a bit of a lag on the shuter speed but you can adjust it great iso et..


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