Monday, October 30, 2006

A Wardrobe Makeover Adventure.

I hate Hate HATE shopping in general. I hate it because I can never get the things I want. Plus, I hate Hate HATE paying for anything full price. RM120 for a top? I don't fucking think so. RM500 for a jacket? Fuck that. Everything costs MONEY, OKAY! LOTS of it. And with my pay what the hell can I afford? Sand. That's what I can afford. Sand. And a couple of leaves.

Anyway, when it comes to fashion I'm practically a retard. I'm a jeans and t-shirt type of girl mostly. I LIVE in my jeans. Think about taking away my jeans and I'd have to fucking kill you.

My staple garb.

I hate to admit it, but I finally realised that I do contribute to the lower standards of hotness of the Malaysian female population. What a wreck! A walking accident! A failure! I'm already 26 for fuck sakes why the hell am I still wearing my 16 year old Kitikat t-shirt out?????!??!! I need a wardrobe makeover! Hmm.....and maybe a face lift....why not throw in a boob job... but I'm working on a tight budget here, so just the new threads, for now.

Being the fashion moron that I am, I needed some serious help. I needed someone to push me TRY things. I needed someone to make me BUY things. So I asked Raksha who brought along a friend to do the almost impossible task - make me shop. Within a day, malls were conquered, truckloads of clothes tried, umpteen shoes put on, feets cramped, stomachs churned, blood spilled, teeth gritted, profanities exchanged, credit cards burnt, pockets emptied. Sigh. Frankly, this whole outing was pure unadulterated carnage to my poor bank account.

But was it worth it? Was the mission a success? Or a complete and utter fuck up? Well, let's all just deep-sea dive right into the tainted cesspool that is the lack of my dignity and see the results.... or you could always fuck off to do something else less painful like watch insects eat each other's head on the National Geographic channel instead.

Go go go.

This top gives the illusion that I have some boobs. Not that I'm complaining. At all.

Prior to this outing, I did not own a single pair of Vincci shoes. I have now officially lost my Vincci-nity.

I like red. Red is such a happy, happy colour.

Apparently I needed some "basic" tops... and a serious haircut.

.... the same "basic" top in white. Mango is seriously overpriced, IMHO.

I still need to buy accessories to "complete my outfits". And a couple of dresses too because everybloodybody is getting married and I have nothing to wear for dinners. Damn you sickening happyhappy marrying people, YOUR MARRIAGE IS COSTING ME MONEY!! BE CONSIDERATE A BIT CAN OR NOT!! STOP GETTING MARRIED LAH!!


Please tell me where I can get me nice simple dresses for cheap?


  1. yay ! a shopping post! lol. nice buys. you're looking great in all the pics :)
    and maybe u could try hunting for nice cheap dresses in sungai wang. if you're patient enough, sometimes you might be able to find good buys there. not all the clothes there are lala. lol.

    FA: I heard too that Sg. Wang can be a mine for great cheap clothes... but the whole place is just too... scary for me. I'm afraid of losing my way in there and never getting out. :( I may need to con someone else to take me there one day *wink*

  2. Looks slurpy yah... Hahaha...

    Shopping is hell. I hate shopping too. Iam so glad my company provide me with uniform to wear... Hahaha, saves me the trouble of choosing a tie to wear. :D

    FA: Certified corporate android alert! :D

  3. Forgive me for saying this, but you've aged...

    You don't look the same 2 years ago.

    I don't think it's your clothes that aren't getting you dates.

    Definitely not the clothes.

    Maybe it's the barriers you put around yourself that's stopping you from getting dates. The chilli-padi attitude for example.

    Sometimes we don't realise we're being arrogant towards others and hence, turning people off unknowingly.

    Oh and one more thing, being a very well known 'blogger' may also be turning decent guys off.

    Just imagine an ordinary person going out with a superstar/etc, you know what I mean ?

    Very thesien punya pressure on the poor guy.

    FA: From the planet I come from, people DO age over time. But thanks for the heads up :)

  4. ZOMG who is that girl in the nice clothes? Where is our FA with same dragon jeans and stripy shirt everytime we go out :P

    Now you just need some decent photos ;)

    FA: Are you offering me your services? ;)

  5. u look great in red and white. But, most importantly, black for you is classy.

  6. WOW. You look like a movie star!

  7. oi woman you kidding me when you say u got no fashion taste hoh? Smack you ah... looks great in all outfits above..bleh =P

    FA: Wei. People help me choose one leh. -_-"

  8. fui~yoh this angel just got hotter (^.^)..

    FYI u look good in red :p~ *drool* lol..

  9. LOL @ "Vincci-nity".

    Am in a clockwheel of a wardrobe changeover as well, so this post was a nice read. You have great shoulders, tubes and sleeveless are very becoming on you.

    If you don't mind the labyrinth that Times Square is, and you don't mind looking (really looking) for cheap clothes, then it is a decent place to shop.

    FA: Thanks! But. Argh. Time Square REALLY scares me!!!!

  10. I am looking 4 dinner bag cos i find bags wif zip is el-cheapo........and only dinner bags no zip but use the "click" (dunno how 2 said in english la) to close it

    wat abt u? wat kinda bag u carried ar?

    FA: Erm. I'm also looking lah.. I don't know these things one... :(

  11. 1. vincci-nity - crack more punny jokes like this and lose your right to call me lame!

    2. actually hor, i sort of agree with barney. you did age. like everyone else. so don't worry about it lah, age gracefully. =)

    3. picture number 1 is something i hope to pull off someday, but it's nearly impossible. uber dyke hot. omfg.

    4. i think you should invest in more capris and/or those sharp pointy footwear. you look much taller.

    i was emo-ing, then i saw your post, then i grinned. :D tenkiu, FA.

    FA: Just for you bitch. I'm glad you approve. :)

  12. oh yeah, MNG is only unhellish like during sales. at all other times, STAY THE FUCK AWAY!!!!!!!! IT'LL SUCK YOU DRY!!!!!!

  13. okay i think this drool-inducing post gives me allowance to leave more than one comment.

    your shoulders are damn hot lah. and those smooth slender arms. and you seriously look damn good in white.

    NINE OVER TEN!! took one off for your *cough*dragon*jeans. hahahahahahaha

  14. yay no more dragon jeans!!!

    FA: It'll be back bwahaha.

  15. i like the first and last picture the most... nice job in picking up those pieces... i think you need a skirt~! hehe... never seen you in one!!

    well, as time passes, we all need to upgrade to new wardrobes to match the more mature person.... correct? hehe.... ahem ahem....

  16. the green halter top is nice!! so are the green wedges! you do have great shoulders n the attitude to carry off those clothes. nice!

  17. drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool

  18. Get a nice dress from Kanch la, cheap also ;)
    Remember to ask me online :)

    FA: Come online quick!

  19. Sorry to ask but where's the Kanch? Are they as good as Zara? thanx in advance! :-)

  20. I like the spaghetti top and spiffy jeans look.

    Although I like the "rock n roll" look you currently got too.

    But yeah, lose the sneakers.

    FA: Lose the sneakers? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!@!!! NEVER!!!

  21. FA is this your attempt to boost up the traffic after such a long holiday ?!?!? I think it's working .. hahahaha :p

    FA: Hahahahaha! Where got.. :)

  22. hmm those clothes do look great on ya, mch much better than the last time I saw u with jeans that are too toght which flattens your *dit* even more. good job whoever did this

    FA: Saw me when?!?!?

  23. I don’t think it’s your clothes that aren’t getting you dates.

    Definitely not the clothes.

    I disagree cos 1st impression cloth is very imp 2 the dates lor

    fireangel, u got the perfect body (without lards or fats & clear skin) so tis is wat i think :

    1) the bottom part (the shoes & pants) of the green helterneck blous is perfect but u need more feminin top 2 go wif it

    2) after u found the feminin top 2 go wif it, ware white feather on ur wrist and ear ring of ur choice

    3) change ur hair style!!!! make it longer & permed it!!!!

    4) and dun swear any more on ur blog la......4 good english lesson & high class rants u can get example from kimberlycun, ur good fren

    5) if u wan more from me, i will give u discount 2 b ur makeover consultant so u can email me ok

    this is all i can help wif my limited english....TQ 4 listening/reading and all the best 2 u.

  24. thanks for the great modelling experince !
    when are you becoming Malaysia's next top model ????
    You'll definitely win it hands down man !
    woo hoo !

    Now i know what to get my honey !
    Thanks a bunch . .

  25. Hi all!

    Thank you for your kind patronage and taking the time off to leave comments.

    If your comment did not show up the first time, this means that the spam catcher caught it by accident. Do not worry though, I'll go and save it. Sometimes one or two might get deleted anyway because there were just too many spams to go through, but most of the time I'll be able to save it. So don't fret if your comment doesn't show up the first time. Keep trying anyway. :)


  26. Try Nichii. BTW, your site is poping up some ugly ads.

    FA: Really? I don't see the ads here.

  27. Reject Shop, they're cheap. May have some defect such as bad stitching but if you're not really worried about perfection, it's good value for money. Some are branded too.

  28. My comments will be biased where it comes to the clothes, but you looked great in them and you make them look great.


  29. you're single and you don't drive, don't have own house yet, don't pay for stim x bills, no eletric bills no water bills, just maybe credit cards and some food money...where all ur monees go ? start looking for a more lucrative jobs and spend it on what makes u happy....err..besides alcohol :)

    that's not breast....a hump, a hump....a lovely lady lumps....

    FA: Money can't go anywhere if it doesn't come to me first!

  30. Hey fireangel, since shopping malls scare the hell out of you, try the Mont Kiara plaza flea market. I got a few dresses from there that cost around rm 50-60 each. and some of the dresses i saw at cat's whiskers were being sold at the market for a much cheaper price. plus you can bargain too. ditto for handbags and accesories

    FA: Wanna be my fashion consultant??? heheheheheh

  31. drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool

    FA: You commented TWICE?!?!??!!?! So free ah? lololol

  32. i can draw u the blueprint of the Golden Triangle if u want.
    but then, it's not the wardrobe that makes u appealing. It's u urself. See, everything looks good on u. Or you just make those clothes looks way Nicer than the manneqiuns.

    *wow, i really apple polishing this time*

  33. Hey FA,you look really good. But I think you'll look even better if you throw in a nice skirt. All pants only..

    C'mon, show those sexy legs!

  34. "2) after u found the feminin top 2 go wif it, ware white feather on ur wrist and ear ring of ur choice

    3) change ur hair style!!!! make it longer & permed it!!!!"

    Is she for fucking real... 0_o
    when i read number 3, i was like "No way! Turning you into an Ahlian!"

    Then i saw the name on the comment 0_o

  35. are hot and sexiest fire angel.

  36. FA: it was some JUICE event, I wanted to approach but alas you were deep in your dance trance, nice dancin tho. ok so I'm a wimp I admit it. haha.

  37. Red shirt and jeans is definate combo.

  38. You (or your friend la, ok, ok) have great taste in clothes! ;)

    Recommend Topshop or Gap (if you don't mind it being a little pricey). Zara is a killer but one or two items from it will definitely boost your wardrobe so high you'd think it got car-bombed.

    Designer clothes... if you can afford it. FCUK, Armani, Burberry, Coach, etc. during sales of course.

    Go to KLCC lah... mix of ex and not-so-ex is there. Times Square is a maze of doom and sore feet, that's what it is.

    ... omg I'm talking about shopping. *slinks away*

    FA: Wah. All out of my league lah. No money :( You buy for me? Christmas is just around the corner! :)

  39. Come over to Bangkok. Chatuchak weekend market. Nuff said...

    FA: You pay for my ticket ah?

  40. Yay, dresses! Tunggu sale-lah. I love Isetan for that. ;) And yes, MNG manyak overpriced. You can get 2 nice tops for what you paid. Be adventurous a bitleh...the top I got the most compliments for cost me 9.90. Heh.

  41. does the makeover includes any new lingarie? :P

  42. err...find dat da 2nd pic makes u look like u're gonna get a baby soon....maybe tis the clothes or the pose..or was it?? ;)

    The rest looks great, more mature....the skaterboy jeans & Tees which makes u look punkier

  43. I'm just curious, if most of your baju(s) are t-shirts and jeans.. What do you wear for work?

    Some corporate look shirts fit nice with a pair of jeans, damn smart leh. Then you won't have to buy more tops lor.

    FA: Slacks, shirts, blouses. Boring ass shit.

  44. now rank No.1 for the keyword fireangel. :)

    You look like young married woman in those wardrobe.

  45. well have you seen The Devil wears Prada?

    FA: Well do you have cash to spare?

  46. Your first picture damn emo.


    I love the green and red ones... Not just because it's GREEN ok. hahah.. i memang like that kind of design.

    And shopping is the best thing eveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    FA: Is St. Patrick's day your favouritest day of the year? Hehe.

  48. White top is nice. Ditch the 3/4 pants. It makes you look like you grew out of it... Proper pants or no pants :P

    Corporate android? Hell no, I prefer the term, MoneySlave thank you...

    BTW, can show us how you look in office wear??? OL fetish..

    FA: But I like my 3/4 pants I don't care! HAha can not show. My office wear quite disastrous.

  49. I think u'll look nice in leggings, u got such slim legs, plus leggings are hot this season.

    FA: You're kidding, right?

  50. u skinny girl ..... so not fair. :p

    FA: Don't hate me coz I have no boobs. :(

  51. clothes are so overrated

  52. eh - how can u say that sg wang scares the shits out of you? it used to be my playground! to me, its the best place to shop.. you'll find cheap dresses, tops, skirts, jeans, etc.. the key is to be patient in searching... if not sungai wang, then you should be able to strike good bargains everywhere else within the vicinity (not vinccinity)... the flea market in mount kiara is way too expensive.. but the food there is good... u'll find me there every thursday glutonning away..

    as for your recent shopping escapade - (apart from the fact that you look extremely stunning in that red spaggetti top with em faded jeans) - i have 1 word = EXPENSIVE!

    FA: I agree. So does my half melted credit card.

  53. its ok ... i wont hate you cuz you have no boobs. i have enough boobs. :p HAHAHAHAHA muaks

    FA: Yearghhhhh. Hugh Jackman's still mine. :P

  54. this has just proved something....that skin sells....hehe...not that its a bad thing..cheers!

  55. I prefer the original FA. No need to live up to anyone's expectations.

    FA: I'd still kill you if you touch my jeans.

  56. Aiyoh... why all the shopping complexes in the Bkt Bintang scare you... People there have the most interesting clothes on.

    Will admit that it's a little bit warrenlike but once master the basic layout, you're good to go. :) Once you can tackle Sg Wang & Times Square, no megamall in KL will ever scare you anymore.. haha (take it from someone that can navigate any shopping complex in the valley. ;D )

    FA: I need somebody to hold my hand. Will anybody hold my hand? Kthx.

  57. Sungai Wang. I'll teman you if you want to go - call me yeah. Midvalley is okaaay too, but will jalan till your legs fall off. For cheap basic dresses SW will do - though you should probably always have a few good basic dresses anyway.

    FA: Yeah need good basic dresses. How are you with patience? And shopping?

  58. Why no skirts?

    FA: Because I can't stand wearing skirts. Or sit.

  59. looking fit there ... working out :)?

    FA: Looking fit where? :)

  60. Wah so ex your stuff. I sure pengsan.

    I am shopping Sg Wang this week! Woooooot!

    FA: Don't remind me. I also heartache.

  61. you want somebody to hold your hand? where do i sign up? :D

  62. You look good in the basic mango white top

  63. I'll sign up right after you, Chen! :P

  64. Just wandering...she is only a normal decent girl..nothing to shout about. How come ppl leave so many comment and so interested in her daily life? To pure narcissism!!

    I wonder why?? I am not trying to be nasty but just curious..

    FA: Everybody loves a good freak show.

  65. “2) after u found the feminin top 2 go wif it, ware white feather on ur wrist and ear ring of ur choice

    3) change ur hair style!!!! make it longer & permed it!!!!”

    Is she for fucking real… 0_o
    when i read number 3, i was like “No way! Turning you into an Ahlian!”

    Then i saw the name on the comment 0_o"

    Exactly what I thought the moment I read the post. Long permed hair? Long straightened hair? What the entire female population of Malaysia has. =.=|||||||||

    Short funky hair rocks okay people? Not to mention long hair hurts more when it's pulled so it's easy for people to rob you *LOL*
    And I love your black sneakers. I want a pair.

    FA: It's Reeboks. Freakin' uncomfortable because It's above the ankle sort. Don't get it!

  66. LOL @ KinkyBlueFairy's and Lissellone's comments.

    But now is just the problem of getting a funky guy for this funky girl

    FA: NOW we're talking!

  67. wahhaha...i just saw joyce's comment and the one she referred to. agree, agree - but sounds like a troll anyway.

    i have very good shopping patience, i am well-trained.

    FA: Can you pick out what's good for me ah? Coz I can't.

  68. Shadowfox@Stick,

    She looks better w/o da jeans... I think everyone agrees yah??? [:D]

    Holding Hand Signing up sheets..

    1) Jeryc

  69. actually i take it back. u look kinda out of shape in the 1st and 2nd pic :).

    FA: You Fickle minded bitch. :)

  70. hmm.. I think you've lost some weight.. you're kinda a bit too thin.. a bit more flesh would be nice...! and nice clothes and photography btw..

    FA: I didn't lose anything btw. I am naturally boob-less. *sad*

  71. Hi Fireangel. I'm just found out about your blog recently (2 days ago actually) and now I'm a convert to Fireangelim! =) I've read thru all your posts (dun worry I'm not a stalker) 'cause I love a good read and a good laugh and you just take the boredom away. I just wanted to let you know lah.
    BTW, why do you always say that you're ugly ah? You're NOT!

    FA: Aww. Thanks. A million points for you for making me smile today! :)

  72. After you've figured from Joyce where Kanch is could you kindly please tell me.... please!!!

    I need somewhere to buy something everytime the father blocks the credit card... *mumblesgrumblesmumblescurses*

    eh! same situation!! I've always been paranoid about being lost in sg wang... yer... and then I'd die of ahlian-ness... it was an actual literal nightmare for me ok! think about it also naik bulu roma! yer..... but people keep raving and ranting about great and cheap *some* stuff are.... very the tempted.....


    The brown top you bought from cat's is actually quite a steal... the similar thing that I got from fcuk sucked out 200+ bucks... yours is not even 25% of that price... jealous...

    FA: Kanch is a person lah hehehe.

  73. zomg you got leg extensions too.

    FA: I wish.

  74. Yes,

    Simplified equation,

    FA + Freak(Show)^^ = Good Blog x Ppl

    No wonder....

    Last comment from me, you look great with the mango white top!!

  75. Wow... the best I've ever seen you. Simply amazing, love the side sweep hair do. You are refreshingly funny too.

  76. wow!
    seriously monitor is experiencing meltdowns do i.

    one word. hawt!
    keep em comin.

  77. notice u keep wearing sleeveless for the snapshot. er, show u got so much of tan is it?

    FA: No because I think the nicest body part I ever have are my shoulders. :)

  78. i'm lesbian. sure! see how willing i am? see? SEE?

    FA: I scare.....

  79. Come Mid Valley ler... by Dec the yearly Great Sale will be on, your Credit card would have recuperated n after shopping we can go for yummy Presidente Margaritas!!

  80. yes, u look very good in all the pix!! throw in some accessories and u might even upstage the brides in the wedding dinners. lolz. love ur blog btw =) p/s:its not always abt boobs..btw

    FA: Argh. More money down the drain. AND IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THE BOOBS! :)

  81. wasn't saying u're thin cos of the boobs.. lol.. ur arms.. and legs.. and ur shoulder blades! especially the green top photo... btw, u're not boobless.. =P

  82. It is good to change but I think you could do better :).
    Those tops are nice but the 3/4 pant spoils the whole thing. It is aunty-ish....especially with those toes revealing shoes.

    FA: Actually I do so love my 3/4 pants a LOT! AND MY SHOES! WTH!

  83. No fucking way! Her cropped pants are awesome blossom.


  84. Garage sale.............. ha ha ha ha

  85. cheap dresses?
    u should try little black book in taipan or Damansara Uptown.
    price from about 79 like that?

    FA: Damn. Taipan! That's in Subang-freaking-jammed-all-the-time-Jaya!

  86. Like the new stuff. Mostly Cat's Whiskers, eh? You should try blook for basics instead of mng lah (that one is for splurging); cheaper. Try f.o.s. for simple stuff too (the large one in kl plaza is worth a trip). Hartamas has a few nice boutiques, but a bit more expensive.

    Please save yourself the trouble and don't go to sungei wang. Cheap stuff, sure, but the problem is they also look cheap. Surprise. Unless you looking for hk-ish, can-throw-away-after-a-few-wears pieces. And for that, I recommend Far East Plaza. In Singapore. hahaha

  87. Sorry, just noticed that I put Hartamas right after fos. In that case, edit: *quite a bit more expensive. Also, sungai wang is okay for accessories lah, but same rule generally applies as with the clothes.

    ps: I wish I were as slim as you. *sniffletear*

  88. Were you in the 'I wanna be a model' TV show on 8TV?

    FA: I wish! I'm too damn short!

  89. oh... hehe... and she makes clothes?

  90. you look awesome bitch i hate your arms. am seriously considering those protein jabs in jakarta for 6usd a pop now. go nichii at sungai besi for cheap disposable dresses...remember to reinforce the straps though coz they will fucking break on you i swear!

  91. Where's this Cat's Whiskers place?? I oso wanna go leh..

    FA: There's one in Bangsar. And another in Hartamas. And another at Mutiara Damansara.

  92. Since you like Cat's Whiskers, try heading to Gossips in Bangsar. Their range is as good if not better than CW. that's my opinion anyways.

  93. you can get really nice dresses from One U.....but you have to look at the small shops to get better varieties. I think you need to keep your hair long to look younger :-)

  94. Eh, the wedges very cute leh. What's wrong with toe-revealing shoes.. hmmm, from someone who never had to suffer from having to go to work everyday in pumps & court shoes? Be grateful, very grateful that your company allows toe-revealing shoes!!

    Btw, saw from another blog that Cats Whiskers is having a 20% off all items sale from Nov 1-15.

    Happy Shopping!! :)

  95. Looking good girl! (:

    Summit, USJ! dresses go from rm30-rm50. the shops are aplenty. but you've gotta do some serious browsing.

  96. hihi! ;) you look damn good in those new threads of yours .. *jealous* hehehe ..

    yup, have to agree with majority though .. dresses in Sg Wang is prolly your best shot! Unless you wanna come here and shop with me in aus .. ;)

  97. i just have to say this.

    the green wedges are GORG-GEE-OUS!!!

    nice job! =)

  98. Yeh, you look good in green and white. Wonder how you look in skirts or dress?

  99. Happened to link to this blog when i was searching for cats whiskers. N yeah, lotsa C/W's cloths! Really really nice=) Which outlet u went to get ur collection?
    Yeah, intro bit. I'm bluey=)
    God bless!=)

  100. hey i think d makeover really suits you for sure.boost up your confidence and your beauty will shine.dresses...hmmm...check out flea markets at the curve and mont kiara they got nice dresses at bargain prices.try bangsar too they've got loads of interesting boutiques with beautiful summer dresses tht can be worn casually or for functions.owh yeah...don forget forever21 at 1U...but you gotta search the place high and low..their dresses are not too bad...overall,confidence is the most important asset a woman can have and have a gorgeous face and bod so be confident you'll wow everyone trust me!!have fun shoppin


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