Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy 2016!

This calls for a new year resolution. Better late than never eh? Well, I find that I've been playing catch up a lot last year. Time moves on so quickly that I'm almost usually... behind. It's like I'm playing catch up. Time sprints on faster and faster at an increased momentum while I'm trying to desperately keep up...... but I end up trailing farther and farther away because all I can do is jog. It's 5 Jan 2016 and it feels like it should be mid 2015.

I treat resolutions as merely guidelines but it's at least something to try to look forward to, rather than going through the year feeling like I've ran around a hamster's wheel but achieving nothing.

So here goes:

1. Continue to do something memorable at least once a month.
Coz if one thing I definitely believe in, is in collecting experience (money too, but money is meant to go towards helping me collect experience. Like in Diablo, where you go around killing monsters, getting gold coins to improve your stash to get on to the next level to kill the next big boss to gain more experience..... what am I saying?)

2. Enrol for at least ONE self-improvement course
This one is new. I'm inspired by what I did last year with the writing course because it feels like I'm actually investing in myself. Now to go look for something else to pick up.

3. Do 1 form of charity.
Not just money. But, more like effort.

4. Move in together & settle in properly 
Ie, all stuff in boxes and in bags to be unpacked by end of yea 2016.
Big girl liao. Married liao, move in liao. Now to make a home of it, for the both of us.
This is going to take a LOT of work and self discipline. :/

5. Actively save to get a new place. 
36 years old this year already and nought a property to my name.

6. Read a book a month.
ARGH. I HAVE BEEN REALLY BAD AT KEEPING TO THIS. I think last year, I barely did more than 3. :/ Logically how hard is it to read ONE book ONE MONTH? You know what my problem is? I'm too hooked on to my phone. I browse through it for at LEAST an hour each day before I sleep, which I'm sure it affects my getting to sleep but I can't stop! ladies and gentleman, I am a handphone data addict.

7. Do more craft.
Totally tanked this one last year. Will try it again this year. I even collected all those crafty thingies and even got a Selphy as a present which I've barely used. Maybe once I get my clutter organised at the new place I'll get right to it. :/ Here is something significant - for 2016, I will make a scrap book of my wedding dinner.

8. Get uninterrupted monthly side income of RM1-2k
The best way is probably to rent out a place.. which I don't have. Meanwhile, something else will need to come along.


How I fared with last year's:

1. Put phone away when driving - somewhat ok. Using phone mostly on Waze. And only check my phone when the light is red or in a traffic jam. Does that count?

2. Work towards find a way to make additional RM1-2k side income monthly - something came along and I found myself being able to earn about 1k every couple of months. But it's not a feasible long term solution. Need to rethink this in 2016.

3. Do one memorable or new thing each month  - MET (mostly! maybe a couple of copping out but mostly MET!). 2015 in review coming up.

4. Find one thing to be thankful or positive about each day - keep a journal : Tanked. Kept the journal for about a month.. then went back to nursing my phone addiction before I sleep.

5. Commit to one blogpost on angeltini.com per week - MET. Though I'm not sure where am I going with this. :/

6. Do more crafts- I've decorated a couple of home printed photos to give away... and that's about it. Fail. :/

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