Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Highlights

Untuk kenang-kenangan

25: Completed the Sports Toto - FTKLAA 6km (more like 7.6 actually) cross country (which goes off-road) run in 1hour 38mins. Nope didn't practice. Yup, walked most of it. Yes, it was on a whim, egged on by my old man.

Life achievement unlocked. Completed the Sports Toto-FTKLAA 6km (more like 7.6 actually) cross country (which goes...
Posted by Ee Laine on Saturday, 24 January 2015

He took us to a semi-impromptu trip back to Langkawi, and  proposed!!! <3

Mar & April
All wat-ed out at Siem Reap....

....  and completed 17km bike tour. Still can't believe that we actually did this.

10-11: 1st glamping experience ever. There are definitely better sites out there, so don't go to this one. We got this from Groupon and were the only visitors there that weekend. This site was more like a construction site turned into a glamping ground. But it was a different experience. Would do again, but someplace else that's in an actual forest.

27-30: Played "tour guide" at the Valley of the Deer event by Glenfiddich @ Carcosa Seri Negara. Tough work, but fun & made new friends.

1st visit to Labuan (booze galore! 100% will return just to buy more booze) & my 1st snorkeling (scary at first, but FUN!) session @ KK!

30: Proud 3rd time auntie! Hello baby! Welcome to the world!

2: This year's present was a legally binding husband & the first thing he did was to give me one of the most beautiful birthday dinners I can remember. <3

Goodbye ah ma You're in a better place now. My love to yeh yeh. Please tell him that I miss him a lot.

It was also the worst haze we've seen. We had a super hazy mid-autumn festival celebration. I had everything all planned - paper lanterns bought, extra candles ready, lots of lights to light up the garden. But it was so hazy, we all stayed indoors. No lanterns were lit this year. :(

Annual Bangkok trip where we shop and shop and shop and ate and drank. But the RM was so shit, it wasn't really all that cheap. RM1 used to be about 10Bht. when we went, it was around 8Bht. :( But for some strange reason, the sale at Forever 21 and H&M were super worth it and I spent so many hours there. Some of the items were so well priced, they were actually on par with Platinum / Chatuchak. We also finally to try all the boat noodles along the river which was MEH.

21-22: Slightly impromptu trip to visit his old friend who has moved to Ipoh. Lots of food to eat and booze to drink. Made memorable by a generous easy going host. Also climbed the famous Sam Poh Tong temple, said to be Perak's oldest Chinese cave temples. Climb over 240 steps to see the surrounding scenery of... the industrial park. Sigh. Darn you progress.

28-29: Singapore Whisky Live 2015. This is one off the bucket list. Have been hankering to make a visit to this eversince I can remember, and now I have. It was really something to remember. More whiskies (whiskeys) and spirits than time and my liver permitted to try.  The bus trip was quite terrible,. though. With the school holiday crowd in full force, we were stuck at the Singapore immigration for over and hour. And that jam. And the monsoon rain. Took us a good 8 hours from Singapore to KL.  I'll take the bus again - but lesson learnt here is not to take it during peak holiday periods.

Also made my virgin visit to the ever-famous whisky geek hangout - Auld Alliance. Speechless. I have no words.

Started my 1st class of this creative course by Sharon Bakar which was recommended by Suanie. Sort of like an self-improvement thing.

He got us tickets to watch Men in Tutu doing Nutcracker for Christmas! It's easy to forget that they are men. En pointe. It was quite an entertaining good effort.

And we say goodbye to Downton Abbey. I didn't quite enjoy it at first, but after Season 3 I couldn't stop. Goodbye Mr Carson. Goodbye Cora. Goodbye Bates Goodbya Anna. Goodbye upstairs and downstairs crew of Downton Abbey. Thank you for entertaining me.

And that's a wrap.

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