Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taking a Break From Real Life. :)

By that I mean, I haven't gotten a real job yet since mid December last year.

The plan was to take some time off and to well, get in touch with my LIFE, get sick of that, then get back to work again like that mad dog I am.

So what have I been up to?

Spending time with the family
Running errands with and for the family
Spending time with friends by catching up on food and drinks.
Pursuing my really expensive hobby
Going on holidays
Making new friends
Getting into adventures
Waking up late
Going to the gym
Not going to the gym enough
Eating and drinking enough lol

Loving every minute every second of it.

I've never been so calm, happy, contented and at peace in the past decade as I have now.

But the clock is ticking and the saving's accounts is nudging. That ticking at the back of my head getting louder already. So gotta get on with seriously getting a job... if not for anything, but at least to pay the bills. So that has to happen pretty soon. :)

Well, things have been quiet here lately because I've been up to no good. *grin* No lah, just that I'm putting some time into making my hobby into a reality, I hope... if you don't have a clue what I'm saying yet, say hello to

i'm also blogging too :) Been spending a lot of time researching about related matters, if I was paid for this I don't mind doing this as a real job.

Truth be told, have actually been trying to look for a part time job to pursue this but what I've found is that for an entry level, the pay is not enough to even pay 1/10 of my bills. So, the only way it can work out is that if I find a proper job that pays the bills and then pursue this part time... that's the hope. :)

So that's my life's update in a nutshell.

Till the next post, wishing you excellence and happiness. :)

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