Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be A Sucker Today.

No valentine?
Want to be part of the festivities?
Feeling left out?
Too much money and don't know how to spend it?
Compelled to buy overpriced gimmicky sentiment for somebody? ANYBODY?

Never fear!

I love free stuff!

Give ME free stuff!

In fact, you can give me free stuff ANY DAY! ALL YEAR ROUND! 24-7-365!

Also, to those celebrating it (me included) happy roast pork night! Yeay! :)


  1. Hmmm. If I buy things got yum yum arr?

    AHhaha sei humsup lou

  2. don't lie LAH!

    FA: Lie what lie? Ppl want to give me free stuff I sure take lah! I where got refuse free stuff before!

  3. haha..can tumpang the advertisement?? any nice ladies out there??

  4. a hug'z + kiss'z is all u'll get from me!!
    and its free!! (^^)

    ha~pi valentine

  5. where r u having roast porkie? =)

    can i 'accidently' bump into u and have a share of ur juicy slirptateous meat?

    happy valentine's day , u deserve today~~

  6. LOL! u siao char bor . happy new year and happy valentine's day!

  7. As I discovered earlier today ...

    You know that even your damn handphone is conspiring against you today, when you're trying to spell "valentine" and the T9 goes "word not in dictionary"

    Woe is me. There is no spoon.

  8. foxtrotecho : must be a nokia. same thing happened to me :P

    or maybe the phone is an ultra super duper intelligent entity that's been around longer than the galaxy itself and realize that there is no such thing as love...

    Damm... my phone could spell that. oh well.. happi V day.
    V as in Very Broke day.

  9. Foxtrotecho - there is a spoon, it's just being performed by someone not attached to yourself. [Or myself for that matter] There is also a lot of other positions.

    FA - Um ... I don't know if I can be bothered sending stuff to Malaysia at the moment. Not sure if there is anything from Perth that you want at present. I'm sure you've run out of Tim Tams though. :-)

  10. I am actually going to avail myself for the roast pork.
    Rest of it, you can keep it.


  11. how bout some free kisses?

  12. lol @ Horny.
    Soon someone will offer free fucks to FA.

  13. happy valentine's day... hope you get some nice gifts!! hehehe...

  14. how to give you freestuff when you can't even show up for pan mee anymore.

  15. I was just coming back from Singapore on V's Day, and I don't have roast pork to eat :(

  16. You did not accept my offer previously. Dont believe you

  17. Can I share some too :) whooops! gotcha


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