Tuesday, February 19, 2008

54k for a Proposal? Wtf.

Here's what 54k can buy you, instead.

1. 1,800 glasses of ultimate long island tea from TGIF - that's one LIT a day for 5 YEARS
2. 10,800 plates of decent chicken rice - that's one chicken rice a day for 29 YEARS
3. The ENTIRE WEDDING - including studio pictures, dresses, and the freaking dinner!
4. Peroduo Myvi - CASH.
5. Petrol FOR your Myvi for 14 YEARS.
5. 10% down payment of a condo unit in PJ
6. Feed 49 hungry children from poverty & famine stricken countries for one whole year. (assuming USD1 = RM3)
7. 3,600 new movies, that's one movie every week for 69 YEARS

okay, I've got to get back to work. Now YOU think of something.


  1. Accountants. Pft.

    (Actually, those figures really puts things in perspective)

  2. Thanks for the insight :P

    Daily bouquet of flowers for a year
    68 PSPs
    3,000 plates of carbonara at Pizza Uno
    2,700 tapas at La Bodega
    207 years of subscription for The Edge Weekly
    865 years of The Star daily
    1,200 music CDs
    12 return economy class tickets to LA

    (assuming no inflation and current prices)

    What would you do with RM54k, if you can only choose one thing?

    And how would you react if the billboard was for you?

    FA: I would beat the idiot to death. UNLESS the fucker is a billionaire and has wayyyyy too much money in his hands - then yeah he can do whatever he wants. :)

  3. Resurrected - She'd beat her BF to death if the billboard was for her! She's an ACCOUNTANT! So much better to invest the money and make MORE MONEY!!!! :-)

    FA - RM54K can buy a trip to Aussie to visit Dabido for a month or two and still have money to play with. :-)
    Actually ... RM54K? I already have that in my bank accounts! ha ha! :-)
    [No, I'm spending it all on ME! It's going towards the deposit for a house eventually!] :-)

  4. That f*cker definitely spoiled the market!

  5. Assuming prices are stagnant:

    54,000 roti canais.
    36,000 teh tarik ais.
    13,500 bowls of pan mee.
    8,100 bottles of Brands Essence of Chicken.
    1,421 yat mai lou sang.
    1,350 books of chick lit.
    300 high-end hair treatment.
    Beginner salsa lessons for 270 people.
    27 trips to HK (non-peak season).
    10 decent pianos.

    it is such a financially-irrational act that he did not really spoil the market at all. :P

  6. 2570 packs of Durex Pleasuremax 12’s = 2570 x 12 = 30840 and assuming you make love everyday, those will last you for 84 freaking YEARS!!!.

  7. Can buy an even bigger diamond ring or eat at Chilli's 1350 times.

  8. Are you even going to fix your comment page?

    FA: erm. I dont know how. Will u fix it for me

  9. He said he was thinking out of the box... to me, he was not even thinking! WTF

  10. the cost of fixing ur comment page is RM54k.

    FA:... for free

  11. RM400,000 life insurance premium for 10 years.
    12 months salary for a good programmer
    50% of the election candidates campaign funds.
    54 Ramly Burger franchise


    2 years of average Malaysian earning (per capita)

    Damn it.... Kannnnnnnnnn

  12. wah, apartment in PJ so expensive meh?

  13. if he can throw away 54K for a proposal now, then it would be just as easy for him to throw another 54K for "another proposal" in the future?

  14. You're a bit late to this eh? Anyway the company he works for (and his father owns) is the owner of the billboard and it was only there for one day. So he probably just paid for the printing of the 'ad'.

    FA: Yeah. Meant to put it up last week but was busy.

  15. Hi. He's a friend. It'll be nice for us to be happy for him. He's getting married to someone he loves after all. Think about it.

    FA: Actually I'm indifferent about it. I just wanted to put the sum into perspective. Not all of us poorfucks have the pleasure to be able to splurge or even see so much of money at one go.

  16. Horny Girl..

    You Jealous?

    COme I take pictures of you.

  17. true.. waste of money.

    54k could get u...

    1000 cans of isomil advance - that can feed 6 kids from birth till they reach 3 y.o.

    270 dinner treat (at a budget of myr200 per meal) - you can choose to treat ur family/friends every month for the next 22 yrs or every night for the next 9 months

    18 iPhones for 17 happy friends + urself - if you buy it @ myr2900

    oh well.. here's to a lasting marriage!

  18. I would splurge RM54k on you. Just because. LOL

  19. For just one day ? . . . I just saw it 15mins ago !!! . . . hehehehe :)

  20. He's thinking out of the box? Who is he kidding? It's been done already. Didn't someone use billboards to declare his undying love to his wife at their anniversay last year? Same concept!
    If it was me, i'd rather he donate the 54k to a charity in my name or something like dat. Dat would be way more meaningful. No?
    Wat he did was js a stupid waste of money even if he had the money to burn.

  21. Agreed with shaolinTiger... But still unforgivable that this guy wasted like a few k or less for the ads print and spoil the proposal-cost market in coming few months before yours or mine or even his girl friend forget about this case that they will ask for like at least a 10k or more proposal excluding the ring because the paper said that's 54k.

    Good luck to you and you and you who planned to propose to your significant half in this few months, hope your gf forget that figure soon.

  22. Well, it is his choice as to how he wants to propose but I think given 5 years max, he will be wondering wtf made him spend that amount on getting a woman! Wahahahaa....

    Seriously, I don't think any sane woman would like their man to spend RM54K in that manner. Perhaps a RM54K diamond ring or a downpayment for a house in her name, solely in her name would have impressed her better. Hehehe.. I know I would. I will smack my bf if he did such an idiotic thing! RM54K on a billboard proposal!

    Yah what! RM54K you know! What if this clown dont have the money and is doing all these on credit?? Can you imagine marrying him and having to help him pay for it? that is double FCUK la!

  23. I bet someone, somewhere already planning to propose through a tv advert right now.

  24. How Dare This Fellow Flaunt His Wealth in our poor Plebian face? So what if he got money.... he should spend the way WE the ordinary citizens demand as in the comments above... bloody hell the government should outlaw rich people rubbing in our face their wealth.. all people should drive proton so that nobody feel inadequate with what they have...

  25. It's there for a month. So whoever uses the LDP to work everyday has to bear with it.

  26. eksk - I am rich and I drive a 1997 Proton Satria!!!
    [caveat - rich compared to starving people in Africa]. :-)

  27. Well, it can pays off my car loan, cards debt, personal loan and term loan.

  28. Fireangel, do any1 ever told u that u got scary resemblance from that gal in estherchin.com?

    FA: I don't look like estherchin at all.

  29. .......
    which part of FA looks like estherchin?!?!

  30. FA and Esther don't look same at all.

  31. so "scary resemblance" is not a good thing?

  32. it's not that it's not a good thing. you just don't look alike. period

  33. I second/third/whatever that. Don't look alike at all.

    It's all a matter of perception. ;)

  34. Where got same? 56k can pay for the down payment i need to buy my parent's a house. :)

    or a second hand car CASH!

    sigh... i guess common sense not so common after all. :P

  35. Is 54k worth paying Skinny to protect your gummy bears from me? I've been eyeing them since they've been sitting around the house for so long already ..... tee hee hee!

  36. can buy 25,400 durex comfort

  37. with 54K , I will use it to buy a house

  38. looks to me like the 54k is used to buy a 'yes' from the girl.

    how to say no when a huge billboard is staring down at you?

    to the guy, what a safe way to propose, kinda ball-less, but safe.

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