Friday, May 25, 2007

Nine2Nine @ The Weld

I've just decided to die-die also must blog about this, because I made a promise, a whole MONTH back. Updating this at work some more. So be happy or something you filthy rats.

I don't know if the few of you remember my desperate cries of help in the corporationey clothes shopping department. So many of you (girls AND boys?!?!?) were ever so helpful with yours tips and suggestions which I'm ever so grateful for.

But somebody came along and took it a whole mile further. She asked me to come VISIT her shop. Try EVERYTHING she said, see what you like!

Oh I how heart good samaritans with an infinite pool of kindness in their hearts. If there's anymore of you out there please drop by ALL THE TIME.

Just a little background before we step into the graphic freak show:

The boutique is called nine2nine (duh, the title up there so big!) and it sells affordable corporate clothes for the working young urban professional ladies. It's designed by a local designer who gets her inspiration from major fashion magazines and other brands like G2000, Zara, MNG....

The boutique mostly caters for the small-sized women (LIKE ME!!!!) who have trouble finding the perfect fit in the other generic brands (FUCKING ONE SIZE FITS ALL TEMPLATES), BUT they also have sizes up until XXL. Price of a 2 piece suit is about RM189(coat) + RM89(skirt) (= RM289 for entire skirt suit). They also have shirts (RM89) and work dresses (about RM129) but very limited pants (RM99). It's damn affordable because it's designed and made locally and the idea is so that customers can afford to update their corporate wardrobe more frequently (good news to all you chronic compulsive shopaholics.. or bad? YOU decide!).

New designs are displayed every 2-3 weeks, and there are only limited quantities for each designs - something like 3 for S, 3 for M, 3 for L an 3 for XXL which is good because then chances of bumping into another girl wearing the exact suit is pretty much close to well, zero. Or to be a little bit more precise, 0.0009% (based on KL's population of about 1.4 million, with the assumption that since the shop is based in KL, one wouldn't expect people from say, Kuching or Kedah to own any of these pieces).

I HAD pictures of the shop to show you. But they are gone for now. I'll try and get a fresh ones.

So I went. And tried on their clothes. And brought home a few babies.

The following may be offensive for human viewing. Proceed at own risk.

White suits are something of a luxury, and so not meant for heavy duty wearage as it gets dirty too damn easily. But omg it looks too damn good to say no to. And I know I hardly ever wear skirts but THIS? I make exception. :)

Err. It's a dark blue satin corporate dress. The bottom bit is supposed to flair out a bit like a mermaid's tail but I didn't really iron it right.... and man this sure is tight fitting! If I gain anymore weight my ass won't be able to get in that. Yes I know it's a motherfucking dress. And I know it's out of character, But isn't it NICE? Say it's nice motherfucker. Or a puppy dies.

Er. Yes. A skirt suit. Again I make exception, because THIS one had the 60s-70s Superman's Lois Lane feel. Me likey. Shirt sold separately. From an entirely different shop. (coughoparksoncough)

And you've seen this shirt before om the previous post. Not many shirts on the shelf fit me because for someone "small" like me with almost-NOT-there chest, I have pretty broad shoulders. So I can't fit into an XS because I'll be walking around like a stiff dead-for-2-centuries-mummy. Can't fit into an S because the back will come off too loose and the collar will sag. That leaves me with... well, nothing. This shirt fitted me fine, just a little snug on the shoulders but at least room to move about and not feel like I'm strapped in straitjacket.

So what do YOU think? Well if I asked me (and I know you are just DYING to know because it's only about YOU if it's about ME) I really like it!

No fuss. No frills. Just a simple tiny boutique with affordable chic corporate clothes. And man, are the owners just so damn friendly and helpful! Siew Mun and her partner, Shirley, are pretty fucking hot. So this should appeal to the mostly MALE orientated perverts who frequent this site. :) Again I HAD pictures... but.... sigh.

I know this is beginning to sound eerily like an advert, but I'm just a little tad excited because ZOMG!!!11oneone I've finally found a place where I can buy corporate suits WHICH FIT without selling a kidney, lung and a piece of my liver.

The only 2 gripes I have is that they don't do a lot of work pants. Skirts skirts skirts and dresses mostly. ALSO the fact that the really nice ones are snapped up too fucking QUICKLY because there are only so limited designs for each size! YYYYEARGH! FRUST!

I'll go home later and get contact details and their opening hours, but I know on Saturdays they open till 5pm. If you work around the Luna Bar area then you could always pop by The Weld during lunch hours and check it out. Just let them know you read about them from my website.

Here is a link of a map where The Weld is. Hope it helps:

I swear I'll get pictures of the shop so you'll at LEAST get a rough idea what it actually LOOKS like. Or MORE living thing dies.

If you need anymore information just about ANYTHING relating to the boutique, just holler!

There you go! My personal service to a friend and the community for the week :)

Okay gotta run. Work. Make money. Kill idiots who piss me off. Toodles!


  1. the white skirt suit looks great! love the unique jacket buttons and the flare on the skirt! :D

  2. The boutique owner was very smart to sponsor you the clothes and now half a million people know about them. With your popularity and much better looks and personality, you can be our own equivalent to some neighbouring country bloggers, to endorse products and have a nice side income. Well done, girl. You look absolutely hot in those photos. Please blog daily. Fucking invest in a personal lap top to blog at home.

  3. oh dear.. i need to clean up the blood on my keyboards...


  4. the car looks really.. erm.. big-

  5. wow, lau bei huet...!!!

  6. 'If thereĆ¢€™s anymore of you out there please drop by ALL THE TIME.'

    How many TIMES did I offer to send Australian Tim Tams and you never took me up on it!!!!?

    'And brought home a few babies.'

    Glad to hear you stopped eating them! :-)

    'White suits are something of a luxury'

    Great photo. Wonderful contrast of the white against the red and black! ;-) w00t!

    'man this sure is tight fitting!'

    Oooohhh Yeah! NIiiiiiiiIIIiiiiiice! ;-)

    'So what do YOU think? '

    I think 90% of your male readers are quoting Captain Ahab with, 'Thar, she blows!' in refernce to what is occurring in their pants and not about anything from Moby Dick ... though, the title of the book and the subject matter [Sperm Whale] have a slight reference to what's happening in their pants.
    [Whcih reminds me of an old Rolling Stones video ... but that's another story].
    Hmmm, hope that imagery doesn't get me beaten up by FA. :-)

  7. Hi, I'm one of the malaysian blogger who go to nuffnang POC 3 yesterday. I think I meet you there. lol :)

  8. any exceptions made for more than 3 times isn't an exception anymore. ADMIT IT, YOU LIKE WEARING SKIRTS AND FEELING ALL FEMININE!

  9. will you be blogging about the POTC/nuffnang thing? would love to see some pics because you look really good with the extreme eyeliner thingie going on!

    did you do the makeup yourself?

  10. Omg Omg u really look hot babe

  11. the white one definitely stands out... the rest are just okay. :)

  12. oooooooooh. white suit. nice. wear for me to see! :D

  13. hey fucking awesome clothes u camwhored there. Keep it up!

  14. While quietly reading your blog for the last year-ish, I'm finding it hard to believe that no man has yet to step forward and ask you out. And after looking at these photos, I'm starting to think that men that are physically in your presence are INSANE not to have asked you out, or ask for your hand..... in marriage of course. Heck, if I was a single, fairly intelligent, alcohol-drinking, fairly attractive man, with functioning private member, I'd ask you out right now. Sadly, non of the qualities above, I have, with the exception of a functioning member.

  15. Ammar - you might have been quietly reading her blog, but you obviously haven't been reading the comments. Plenty of men have asked her out. She is being choosey about who she dates [not that there is anything wrong in that - better to wait for a Mr Right than get lumbered with someone you don't really want!].

    And those men in her presence, not insane, just rejected.

  16. Yo, girl... Saw your face on the SinChew Weekend. Cool... Must let your bro see, hahaha...

  17. Walau eh...u look hot in corporate clothes. Where to find ur posters ar?

  18. good to see u bloggin again FA.

  19. FA,
    Is that you in the SinChew Weekend coverage about some Estee Lauder event in Midvalley turning some hot chick like you to some hotter chick?
    You look awesome.... in some kind of way

  20. thot u were a model at first. u can really write on yr daily life. keep it up! nice dress anyway. buy all.

  21. Planning to get a suit as gift for someone too, and the prices seem mucho reasonable at this nine2nine.

    But an address would be helpful yeah? :(

    FA:. Erm. Jalan Raja Chulan? The Weld? I don't know the exact address. but if you know where Luna Bar is... It's just there!

  22. I am a working woman....m interested in the white suite. pls tell me where do i get it... and how much please. my email is [ ]. appreciate yr reply. thanks...

    FA: I edited your comment so that your email doesn't show. :)

  23. you look too fucking hot in those outfits they should be illegal!! damn i wanna go to work in your office

    The picture also damn gaya!

  25. i'm gona hump your leg on monday and thursday!
    where is your wet t-shirt pics u promised!?

  26. population of klang valley is closer to 5 million.

  27. Hmm...., you transformed. Looks like you have Sailormoon's power.

  28. Mamak Mechanic MasterzMay 31, 2007 at 1:32 AM

    Holler! I gotz a questions.

    Will the white jacket & skirt, or the tight black, sleeveless outfit with the flared skirt be more flattering for a guy? Wouldz it be recommended to shave me legs before wearing them?

  29. bring out the fan! wooshh =) hot mama la you hehe

  30. Mmm, you have a Pajero at home.

  31. you look great! love the white suit!

  32. hey sexy..looking gud in all those sure u gonna make heads that an ozzy orange myvi ur driving?awesome..i hv the same one...myvi roxx eh? ;)

  33. hey babe. nice finds :)

    SO know what you mean about off-the-rack not fitting at the shoulders / bust :p


  35. looking cute as always...and who says u got no 'top' eh? i see plenty...

  36. you really looks hot and very intelligent.

  37. Cool! Definitely gonna check it out!

  38. I think the white suit is great! Maybe I should look for something similar?! Not very practical for me though because I work in a hospital, but still, I know the feeling of it being too nice to pass up...

    To all the guys out there who are getting nosebleeds, I think that's hardly likely as the blood would be going somewhere else...

  39. lumpy legs. ugh


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