Friday, December 15, 2006


Howdy folks!

Sorry about being MIA for a bit. Didn't have the time nor the mood nor the inspiration nor quite enough of alcohol; to cook up a post for your entertainment, and mine.

I DID however watched an anime and wrote a (very sterile) review for Monsterblog. If you ever get sick of pretending to look busy at work when you're actually checking up midget porn in a minimised window on the bottom right corner of your monitor (I see you!), feel free to click the permalink below!

Why is Samurai Champloo Great.

My first ever prim and proper anime review! YEAY ME!

If you don't know me by now, besides drinking, dancing, swearing, coming up with nonsense on this blog and stomping on little furry animals, I also enjoy watching animes.

My fetish for animes began when I first watched and got hooked on Sailormoon when I was just a whee little wench of 16 (hey, young and stupid okay). I thought the girls were so cute and HAWT *nosebleed earbleed eyebleed* that I would pause the freaking CD between their transformations just to see exactly how detail the nude bodies were. *pervert*

Then I lost interest in Sailormoon because it just got too long for my goldfish attention span and too damn fucking annoying for my blood pressure to take. But over the years the interest for anime was still kinda there, on and off. There was a bit of Sakura Wars... a bit of Black Jack.. a bit of Samurai X... and some movie animes here and there by Gibhli Studios..... hentai.. haha kidding no hentai. No idea what that is, really *cough*

So quite recently (like 2 years ago) my fetish of anime was brought back alive with an OBSESSIVE VENGANCE with the introduction of NARUTO.... until the fillers took over and fucked it up its ass. But then there was BLEACH which completely SAVED me from the bottomless pit of emptiness.... until the fillers took over and RAPE the fuck out of it for me as well. DAmn fed up. Then started looking for those 20-over episode type of animes to watch - because I know at least THOSE have endings, and it won't bloody make me wait for one whole FREAKING week for just one measly 25 minute episode which usually ends at a cliffhanger causing me to fly into an insane RAAAAAAGE and CHOKE helpless tiny animals.

Along came Escaflowne (damn slow!), FMA (never completed because DVD fucked up half way), Samurai 7 (bestest!), Evangelion (most fucked up!), a bit of Black Cat (gave me a headache).. and probably a few others which I've forgotten..... With so much animes to catch up on who needs men? (lies, all lies.... sigh)

Anyway, back to my post on Monsterblog. Did you notice something grossly lacking from it?


I'll supply a few of those words for you to sprinkle it about the post like herbs on lamb roast:

fuck fuck fucking jerk cocksucking wankers motherfuckers bastards shiteaters nofuckingway goddamnit fuck fuck fucking fuck tiuniaseng pokai what the fuck fuckers AWESOMNESTttt!!111one WTFWTF!?!!? evARRrr!!11oner pondscum asswipe fucking fuckers babies are delicious and good for you rape insects eat daisies FUCK!

There you go! Now go reread the review again with those words in mind and insert them about the post as you see fit! SO FUN RIGHT?

Hope you enjoyed the review. I plan to do more of that (watching animes and reviewing them, not throwing random profanities everywhere) if I ever find the time again, or manage to get my grimy paws on other people's ginourmous collections.

Any offers? Or at least some recommendations?

Just a few requirements though:
1. Animes must NOT be the KAWAII NE or the ROMANCE sort. I can't fucking STAND it and I'll shove it back into your eye socket.
2. I'm not too fond of mecha. Genuine otakus will argue and say that Eva was NOT mecha, but whatever. It's just not my style.
3. Big sucker for ninjas, samurais and underdogs kicking ass.
4. It has to be either a movie, or a short series.
5. Not too fond of manga as fight scenes never really looked good in them.

Itu saje kthx!

And have yourselves a great weekend! :)


  1. animes suck

    FA: Oh but they suck GOOD! :P

  2. I was gonna say Escaflowne kicked arse but hey, you're not the mecha type . . . try Hellsing ( if you haven't already watched it ... 13 episodes, friggin friggin cool ) . . . Chrno Crusade ( 50 s'thing episodes ) and just for the Absolut fuck of it . . . Kenshin a.k.a. Samurai X is the friggin bestest anime of all time tee hee hee

    p.s. :- I've got Howl's Moving Castle the book nyuk nyuk nyuk ( I so know you're a bookworm geek . . . tee hee hee )

  3. TheThinker, Chrno Crusade is 26 episodes, and it wud b a bit too cutesy for FA here. Another ninja anime u shud try, FA, Is Basilisk, Trinity Blood (based on vampires,24 episodes), and maybe Gungrave (mafia-style anime, 26 episodes)

  4. i echo suanie. the only people who should get away with watching anime are people like my 15 year old brother. UGH.

  5. Anime sucks. Stupid fillers. Manga rocks. No fillers. :D :D

  6. Cowboy Bebop is best evar.

    Try Full Metal Alchemist and Elfen Lied?

    *Disclaimer - by posting this comment it doesn't mean I don't still think you are a cunt*

  7. Witch Hunter Robin.

    Blue Submarine No. 6

  8. Cowboy Bebop, totally agree with you ST.

    Tried Trigun? Cyberpunk, that one. Errr... Initial D. What else... you've watched Escaflowne, honestly mecha doesn't do it for me either... try 'Full Metal Panic!'.

    Moving into horror, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, Lain. Hellsing is good too.

    So many there, should keep you occupied la. Shoo, shoo.

    Oh wait, this is your website. Oops. :D

  9. I really beh-tahan when Sailormoon "revolve"?

    If I was the villian I could have kill her by that time when she's happily closing her eyes and become naked and get her weapons.

    It's just so...lame.

  10. You should try Shaman King (shamans fighting shamans), Conan (detective), School Rumble (high school-ers), Prince of Tennis (erm...about tennis)...and the list goes on

  11. Basilisk is a sure winner in this case. It has gory action, captivating storyline, cute dudes and dudettes, plus a bit of nudity! What more can you ask for!?

    If that fails, try Ninja Scroll or Shin Peacock King. 2 of my long time favs.

  12. try Death Note will blow your kepala hotaks out

  13. Finally transferred Initial D from my portable harddisk to CD. Come collect from me.

  14. Death Note, D.Gray-Man, Saiyuki.

  15. ST: i burned elfen lied for her but she pussied out of it.

  16. Of the anime I’ve recently seen, I was captivated by ‘Last Exile’. It was a limited 26 episode series, first shown in 2003. It has very high production values, with some beautifully rendered animation, featuring a combination of 2-D & 3-D CGI. The setting is very much ‘SteamPunk’ - characters in Victorian period costume, in a world of aerial ships. The story is an engaging one, but I’m not sure if it would be your cup of tea (based on your post). The following ‘YouTube’ clip gives a taster of what you might expect anyway:

    As for other things, I’d second the recommendation for ‘Ghost in the Shell’, along with ‘Blood: the Last Vampire’ (great, albeit too short).

  17. one word ..
    one piece.


    it's fun once you get to know the characters.

    like you i found that naruto fillers s*cks.

    check out daddy long leg which is the anime version of Jean Webster novel of the same title.

  18. Interesting of the F-word, F.A.

  19. Hmmmm. I concur with the gallery about

    Cowboy Bebop
    Last Exile
    Samurai Champloo
    Stand Alone Complex (both seasons)

    being excellent series! So excellent, I purchased them!

    Of cors, I also like Armoured Trooper Votoms, a very old school series from 1983. They're all on my shelf along with my Calvin and Hobbes box set...

  20. cowboy bebop... cookass!

  21. Animes are cool but you'd need a lot of time to really follow a series. Good post. What's with the expletives!? haha

  22. I watch Care Bears.

    Care Bears! Stare!

    Gets me the chicks.


    oh but...i watched sailormoon.........only when there were no alternatives.......and i didn't do any slowmo perviness.

    siape lesbian ni?

  24. Thanks for the heads up.. I will definitely check em out! if u're into samurais and ninjas im currently watching bleach!!!! download the latest at and the portal is at

  25. cowboy bebop (series + later movie -- the *best*)
    last exile
    ouran koukou (just trust me)
    ergo proxy
    full metal panic: the second raid (means you have to watch the 1st season too. ha ha. but it's good)
    xxxholic (a fun watch)
    kumo no mukou, yakusoku no basho (aka beyond the clouds. movie)

    mm, all that goodness! if I weren't having finals I'd go watch them again. must... resist...

  26. if ur planning to finish up FMA make sure to watch the movie as well cuz the anime ending feels incomplete.
    Bleach has got a new filler after the vampire bullshits as evident fr the new opening.
    I highly suggest One Piece - it's the best anime in the world!

  27. Fate Stay Night is good. About a dude who unknowingly has the power to summon one mythical hero (hercules..ancient heroes lar) and he is being forced into a war involving other people who can summon these heroes and trying to kill each other to obtain the final prize. Its good...nice graphics, involves some romance and comedy too. By the way, Death Note is currently damn good!

  28. Hello.......=P...write about doraemon

  29. Maybe u shud try to Full metal of alchemist, angel heart or ranma..hehe!

  30. Full metal Panic? Fumuffo!

    Even though it's the second installment of the Full Metal Panic! series, it can be watched on its own. The entire series is supposed to be a mecha/action-type anime, so don't bother with the first Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic:The Second Raid. But Fumuffo broke the mould and is all comedy which explains the '?' in the tittle. Try it, you won't be disappointed, esp. the first ep. with the taxi.

  31. Well, seems like there are a lot of suggestions there. I think it's better for you to watch one from each genre and decide which type you like the most and go for others that is in similar genre.

    Some comment on those titles above:

    'Cowboy Bebop, 26 eps' has great musics (Yokko Kanno), and a lot of throw backs to the 70's and 80's.

    'Ghost in the Shell:SAC' and the 'GitS:SAC 2nd gig' (26 eps each) is sci-fi, and have a great story and superb music (Yokko Kanno ftw)

    'Last Exile, 26 eps' is post apocalyptic (did I get that right?) with a good story, and if you like it, you can try look for 'Blue Submarine no.6, 4 eps, which has great graphics but the whole thing kinda fall short. You can try 'Now and Then, Here and There', but it's quite a depressing story.

    Many people find 'Lain, 13 eps' weird and very difficult to understand (including yours truly, but it as great music) but you can try 'Paranoia Agent', which is weird but seriously good.

    Anyway, my suggestions will be 'Haibane Renmei' if you don't mind the somewhat slow pace and lack of action. And if you like it you can try 'Kino no Tabi, 13 eps', which is a bit heavier or 'Mushishi, 26 eps'.

    And if you like some light humor, you can try 'Azumanga Daioh'.

    I's planning to get 'Wolf's Rain' since I heard it's good, you can check it out too.

    You want something that is a bit etchi, try 'Ebichu, 26 eps I think' :P.

    As for movies, I liked the first 2 patlabor movies, but those are mechas, so might not fit your taste. 'Akira' is one of the better old school anime movie, 'Steamboy'and "Metropolis' are not bad, but you might have watched it aleady.

    I think the movie (or 4 mini eps) 'Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen (追憶編)' is one of the best rurouni kenshin anime produced, in my opinion, and is a must watch if you are the fan of the series.

    Most of the Ghibli's production are decent to good, but 'Only Yesterday' is suprisingly good.

    Only go for 'GitS' and 'GitS:Innocence' movie if you like the series. Have yet to watch 'GitS:SSS' so cannot give comment there.

    'Perfect Blue' is also a good movie, and you can try out 'Tokyo Godfathers' and 'Millenium actress' too.

    That's all I can think of atm. Good luck in hunting your next anime.

  32. Camlok, I bow down to your suggestions. I personally, is a picky bitch when it comes to anime. I don't like no schoolgirls with big boobs, panties shots or glasses. Nor do I enjoy a male lead who is high on adrenaline 24/7, yelling "kill em all" all the time but emo-ed out during fighting scenes. And fuck romance, romance in anime/manga is as real as Pamela Anderson's boobs.

    I'm a big fan of the Ghost in the Shell series, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, as its not exactly easy to watch. Same goes to Paranoia Agent and the recent Ergo Proxy, which puts the SF into urrrr...SF. XD

    I would definately recommend Black Lagoon to FA, seeing that the main lead is the anime version of FA herself. She swears, she drinks, she smokes, she kills and on top of that, she's hot. No filler crap and no sappy emo plotlines, just plain out gun fights and things exploding. Extra includes a Russian female mafia boss who eats grown man alive and a nun who drinks and swears under the statue of Jesus.

    Good shit, I'll say.

  33. Hi FA,

    I think you should check out Bartender - an alcohol-related anime :D

  34. Full Metal Alchemist .

  35. I strongly recommend Ninja Scroll - both the series and the movie. My all time fav.

  36. 犬夜叉 "Inuyasha" is fantastic and matched bleach and naruto in terms of the cool fighting sequence and addictive story line.

    p.s. : I could recommend some hentais too!

  37. i used to watch Samurai X and Escaflowne! aehehehehe...

    i like animes too. damn addictive. But only if someone gives me the whole boxset la, i wont d/l it.

  38. Fire Agent, and it matches their long and draggy story too.

    Z, agree with most of your comment, except the panty shot one. I don't like those doing panty shot just for fan service, but panty shot jsut to show you how stupid it is, and with a decent story to boot, that's ok (najika blitz tactics, 13 eps I think).

  39. I've been trying to get funding to run some Animation workshops for the local youths. Anyway, I better get back to trying to fix my old computer. I'm hoping it will be able to run Blender or Shade 7.0 for me. This stupid Vaio Laptop [which is supposed to be an awesome Multi-Media machine] has trouble with some of the simplest displays. [It gets all screwed up with some visual images! Bloody re-draw problems! Grrrr] Anyway, maybe one day I'll have some anime for you to review.

    [But go easy on me, you know I'll try and base a character on you!] :-)

  40. Dabido,

    Bear in mind that a lot of anime is adult theme, it will be hard to suggest one that suits youth, but still attracts adults. Most of the anime suggested above are not suitable for youths, especially by Malaysia Censorship Board standards. There are exceptions, but those are few and far between.

  41. Seriously...

    I cant believe that so many people has post a comment with their suggestion and still no one mentions Hikaru No Go..

    WTF!!! It's like the anime with the most stupid boring theme you can ever think of.. but once you start you'll sink to the bottomless pit of addiction faster than you can say Hikaru no wha??

    TRY IT, awesome animation, awesome soundtrack, great story telling, plenty of funny momments to crack you up and plenty of tear jerking drama to empty your tear glands.

    I'll be waiting for your "thank you" msg for recommending it to you once you're done watching.

  42. Dickson, yes it is good, and it stayed loyal to the manga, and did not drag the story. However, it is 75 eps + 1 movie to tie up the whole story, and FA specifically state a short series or movie.

    Anyway, speaking of fight scenes (FA last criteria), Gunnm (aka Battle Angle Alita, 9 volumes, manga) has awesome fight scenes. Too bad the anime only lasted 1 short movie.
    The author revisited the world with Gunnm:Last Order, which is equally good, and currently at volume 6.

    Looking forward to the movie, suppose to be on 2009. Hope it doesn't suck.

  43. Tee hee hee . . .I think she's a little overwhelmed tee hee hee :)

  44. hikaru no go is definitely good and worth watching 70+ episodes

    howabout onegai teacher? or me my strawberry eggs which is strangely fun. the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi is good.

    since FA claims not to know what hentai is, maybe somebody could suggest a few good hentai series for her to watch?

    like.. cool devices

    (sorry, i haven't watched anime for a long time, so i only know the older stuff)

  45. try Dakuro Chan The Beating Angel...only 8 episodes and it's freaking funny...


    Samuel L. Jackson and Kelly Hu

  47. *one piece (pretty long but nice!)
    *full metal panic+ 2nd raid + fumoffu
    *full metal alchemist
    *trinity blood
    *blood +
    *mai hime
    *mai otome

  48. Hikaru No Go!
    By far, one of the best anime out there. Ended at 70+ epi a few years back. The anime is motivating, inspiring and yet farnee.

    Last Exile
    Cool anime.

    One Piece
    Good anime, boring story line in between major stories (arlong, shichibukai, sky land)

    Not really a visually good anime in term of animation, but has really good story line and content.

    Not a lovey dovey anime. should fits you well.

    Not to be missed, I guess you should have watched anyway.
    They released a movie 2 hour long to conclude the whole anime like a few year ago, which is kinda nice ending.


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