Thursday, December 21, 2006

All I Want for Christmas.

Herro everybody!

Me is feeling guilty. Me never update long time.

In spirit of Christmas. I take a lot a lot of peekchas.

Make you happy looooong time mistah.

.....Or give you nightmare loooong time. Mistah.

Me no care about you. Me just make ME happy.

So yeah. You fucking voyeurs with your freaky morbid curiosities can stop foaming in your mouth now.

Besides some shameless camwhoring pictures here's also a list of things I'd like for Christmas, inspired by Suanie (who ROX! :P).


1. The Complete Calvin And Hobbes because I'm still a kid and Bill Watterson rocks.

2. A BIGGGGGGGG box of liquour filled chocolates, not because I'm an alcoholic (heh), but because I fucking deserve it, motherfuckers.

3. Snow. Outside my window.


4. Some good classic Creme Brulee. Homemade? Even better! By a guy? Yum! Who is cute, single and very available? Let's get married yesterday!

5. Somebody like that placards confession guy in Love Actually to fucking shut EVERYBODY up once and for all.


6. A big truck filled with obscene amounts of money so I may buy many things for ME! And YOU!

7. A bouquet of white daisies wrapped in plain paper like the ones Tom Hanks gave to Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, because they were such sweet happy flowers and I could use with more HAPPY.


8. 8 hours worth of good, black, sleep.

9. My happiness.

10. ..... and yours, bitches.


Don't think it'll all fit into the sock I'm hanging by the chimney, though.

But thanks for trying anyway, Santa.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May 2007 bring us MORE of the good stuff!


P/s: Will be away for a bit and back only after the new year. So give that F5 key a rest then go at it again with a vengeance right after the new year ok? Please? :) Happy holidays!)

P/p/s: I can't believe I'll be missing the biggest, funnest, most freakiest party of the YEAR! ARGH! RAGE!


  1. can't... stop... drooling...

    *foams in mouth*

  2. merry christmas & a happy new year

  3. A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Hope you have a great holiday break - come back refreshed you blog slacker! Fingers crossed that Santa will bring you everything you asked for - looking like that, I think there's every chance ;)

  4. wow, best santarina i met this year...

  5. Yeah, the black and white x'mas is very nice. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.........Hoo hoo hoo hoo

  6. now youre on my xmas wishlist! too bad youre not here in KL! gardemit! :p

  7. i usually dismiss that sort of top as vomit roll eye thing, but you pulled the fucking thing off lah. so hot omg.

  8. you don't have a chimney, but a hole for the ceiling musang.

  9. OMG~OMG~oooMMgg~omg~omg so
    HOTTTTT \(^0^)/

  10. And I wish that FA will get a bf soon. :P

  11. was that a see thru net blouse? was that cleavage? omg.....*nosebleed*


  12. *gives erection a rest*

    By the way, happy holidays FA.

  13. So who's the lucky guy on New Year's Eve? :-P

  14. 'Who is cute, single and very available? Let’s get married yesterday!'

    I can't, my time machine is bodoh at present. How about next year instead? :-)

    Erna, I thought FA already had someone.

  15. omfg, grossest ever. enough of it !!!! as gross as kk's asshole

  16. wow, been a reader of ur site for some time now but this is me 1st comment. read a lotta ur rants but u should really look at urself before u rant bout ur looks u know, haha. hot hot hot!! woop

    merry xmas

  17. YOU can be my placards confession girl instead FA!

  18. Nice cheesecake! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year, where ever you are!

  19. corruption people's mind, you got nothing better to do ah!

  20. Merry Christmas, FA! Hope you get what you wish for from Santa.

  21. Here's wishing you a merry xmas and happy new year. Hope you manage to finish/start the year with a bang or a pop or whichever tickles your fancy !!! hahahahaha :D

  22. Nosebleed? Maaaan...more like hemorrhage! hemorrhage! drip, drip, drip...die.

    More pics! More pics!

  23. yo biach,

    get yourself a good White xmas and party mentally with us M'KAY ??


  24. jesus christ !!!(NO PUN INTENDED)

    what in god's name are you wearing...


    Please do not treat this as a complaint...

  25. poor girl, u must be lonely!

  26. shit, everywhere bleeding liao... damn...

  27. I got nose bleed la !!

    Wishing You and Your Love's one a "MERRY CHRISTMAS"


  28. Yikes! Hella hot! Waaaaaaaahh!

    *drops jaw*

    Merry Christmas to you (though i think you're the one that gave the Merry Xmas to your hordes of groupies, I mean "loyal readers")!

    Where are you off to for Xmas holiday?

  29. Sexy 2nd last pix... Merry Xmas BTW.

  30. FA - have a Merry Xmas. [Still disappointed you didn't take up my marriage proposal for next year!] :-)

  31. Gulp...., Santa !!! I think I know what I want for a Christmas present.... Can I have 'that' as my Christmas present ? Can I? Huh ? Huh??

  32. WAH sexay babe =))

    merry xmasssssssssss

  33. OMG!! cal ambulance for those nose bleeding.. i guess u feel lonely.. and if someone din know u.. they sure thought u r pornstar.. class B+ ..oips..aarrgghh :P

  34. marry x'mas & a sucessful haapy new yr 2007 2 u!!!loved all ur b&w photos above...soo sexy!!!i gonna hv black hair and white skin also this cny coz i realized the dye is really bad for hairs!!!!dun do it FA...

    disclaimer : any fairies or it or etc who picked on my comments above or any of my comments b4.... well haapy death day 2 u may u never make it 2 2007!!HO H O HO~~~!Yeah~tats all *evil laugh*

  35. You.. tease..

    From now on i will come here with tissues and vaseline dammit. :P

  36. No wonder there's a saying that goes: ugly ppl need to do alot of things to make themselves look special.

    You are one of those fuglies.

  37. try to seduce with your camwhoring photoshoped...nice dude! lol!...

  38. Hi angel,
    I really like yr legs. I really think u look better if u dun smile. I would like to see u pose with an attitude (serious look), show some cleavage and mini skirt on. Merry Christmas.

  39. oi. yr sis take the pix issit? and chk yr goddamn mail.

  40. this is exactly why i like coming here. heh. *woof* *woof*

  41. wawaweewaaa. pheweet! fwah FA ... i can see your bed in the background leh .... is that a bra hanging from ur bed? ROFL. MERRY BELATED XMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU BABE! hehe! muaks! :D

  42. Nice pictures FA. Well, I guess u can accomplish your wishes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  43. Crazy bastards to those calling her porn star, FA is already sexy from birth. She is d perfect girl except only when she's drunk. (nobody give her too much liqour chocs) hehe

    James from southwark, london.


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