Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015

As usual, some resolutions to start the year off.

1. Put phone away when driving - only thing on is waze, on speaker. Put phone away when with others. The only exception when the phone can be out is to take pictures (when I'm NOT driving).
Year in year out it's a similar resolution. Have not done too well in the previous years... but I will try harder in 2015.

2. Work towards find a way to make additional RM1-2k side income monthly. 
I have no clue how to start on this but RM1-2k would make me more than comfortable with my personal expenses.... and help me towards being able to afford my own home.

3. Do one memorable or new thing each month. 
Because..... life is all about living.

4. Find one thing to be thankful or positive about each day - keep a journal.
Because... happiness is the essence of life.

5. Commit to one blogpost on per week. 
Because booze is something I know more off than anything else in my life .. and it's not even enough yet. There's so much more to learn and to share with others about it.

6. Do more crafts - inspired by a friend, Mel. 
I've always enjoyed working with my hands since I was young. It's very therapeutic and gratifying. Why am I  not picking it up again? This would be much better than slumping on the couch all weekend just watching tv series and movies isn't it? More, productive.


  1. Stumbled across this blog way back in 2006. Back when I was still fresh out of Uni. Love the witty posts and became a regular of this blog until life happens i.e. got a job, have a relationship, losing one, having a go at another (numerous), finally got married, having a baby, and now a dad. Don't know why, I remembered your blog today-type it in the search bar while hoping the blog still exists, and it still does! Felt like found a long lost friend! Sorry for the long post!

    1. Wow. Haha. I'm honoured and flattered. Thank you and hello! :)


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