Monday, May 11, 2009

Words + Images Makes a Post Too.

Yup, this is going to be one of those "today I woke up and had cornflakes and have nothing else of interest to say" post.

Do you remember Care Bears? I do. I'm an 80s child and the best times for cartoon I would argue, would be during MY time! I don't see the cartoon being aired but it looks like the toys are back in a big way. Big ones, small ones, some as big as you.


Do you remember the catchy theme song?

Let's do the Care Bear Countdown
And send a wish out through the air
Just do the Care Bear Countdown
When you need them they'll be there
Do the Care Bear's Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1~


I don't remembered their names though, do you? But they are so bright and cheerful looking aren't they? Makes me wanna get a whole lot of them just to brighten up my dreary apartment.

When I was back in Malaysia I had the biggest craving for some good ol' KFC.


It was so awesome I almost cried. But right after inhaling the whole meal my tongue felt so damn itchy. And it was itchy for the rest of the day. Argh. No! Is this really happening to me?? Has my tongue gotten acclimatised to the lack of MSG?!?!?! NOOOOOOOO!

Some drinkies had to be done last week. I had some Macallan. It's not too bad at all with water and ice.


Also had my first taste of a Moet. Personally, I feel it's overrated.


I've also discovered that I'm not a big fan of bubblies. It's too... gassy and sweet for me. Give me some nice tasting beer and hard liquor anytime. Which by the way, I might have to cut down on pretty soon. I'm pretty sure that it's fucking up my short and medium term memory, attention span and my vocabulary.

Someone told me that it's sexy to see a girl drink champagne. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that when the girl takes a sip of her drink she looks like she's holding a phallic object to her mouth?


I had a Yoshinoya ricebowl for lunch today. I don't care what anybody says but I think their rice bowls are goddamn tasty. It's really not bad for SGD6.50 which is basically the same price as a McD's value meal but healthier.

alt="P1010471" />

The beef ricebowl for the win! It's the only ricebowl I will ever have. Forget about the chicken,fish or the ramen. Take only the beef rice bowl. Only the beef!!!!

And then for dinner today I tar pau-ed a packet of white rice to go along with some homemade chicken cabbage soup which turned out very, very nicely thanks for asking and yes,I'm very proud of myself too! Mum! Can you teach me some more easy to cook stuff when I get back? Kthx!!!



  1. that macallan 12 is creme de la creme among its peers.

    so much effort goes to maturing and distilling and must you contaminate it?

    "I’m retty sure that it’s fucking up my short and medium term memory, attention span and my vocabulary."

    that has got nothing to do with c2h5oh. you are exhibiting symptoms of a biological need for relief. it is further confirmed by your conscious effort of you conjuring phallic objects in your mind.

    dust off the cob webs.

    good nite.

  2. huh?
    oh.. okay.

    its the filler post.

  3. wahh carebear is really old school. I think I was 10 at the time?

  4. KY: you couldn't have been 10..I was 10!!! :P

    Horng: Thundercatz HOOOOOO!!!! got voltron also, transformers G1!!!! GI joe... Man, our time had the best cartoon EVARRRR. Although i must say, Ben 10 and Teen Titans and the new Batman animation series does have its value :P

  5. There's more than one type of Champagne glasses. The flutes that we're familiar with only became popular sometime in the 80s-90s. Before that it was the short, bulging type that people use for wedding "champagne" fountains today.

  6. Moet is your supermarket champagne. You just drink it without expecting something fantastic to happen.

    The so-called short bulgy champagne glass was modeled after Josephine's (Napoleon's chick) left breast.

  7. Well, some would argue that it's Marie Antoinette's instead. Well, truth of the matter, neither. The champagne coupe as opposed to the champagne flute was first crafted in England and so that ruled out all the French ladies' anatomy.

  8. totally agree! yoshinoya beef FTW!

  9. You can eat Dinner Plate?

  10. i assume you have some basic utensils in SG to do some cooking.. here is an easy meal (ABC soup)...

    a bunch of celery sliced into 1/2 inch slices
    2-3 medium size onion and quartered
    2-3 carrots sliced into 1/2 inch slices
    4-5 potatoes skinned and cut into 1/2 inch cubes
    4-5 pcs of pork ribs

    1 boil a pot of water in a 15 inch pot and about 6 inch deep.. fill it till half full.
    add pork ribs into the boiling water and let boil for 5-10 min...
    2 now pour the water with cooked blood and fat away leaving the ribs....
    add water till ribs are submerged and reboil...
    3 when water is boiling, add rest of the ingredients into the pot and add water till everthing is submerged. when it is boiling, add some pepper and a little soy sauce...
    4 then turn the fire down and let it simmer in medium-low for about 30-45 min.
    5 to know when it is done, use a fork to poke the potato.. if you can cut the potato with a fork, then it is done, else let it continue simmering... not to forget, add some salt to taste.

    hope this helps! a good meal needs a little love and practice makes cooking much easier.
    good luck.

  11. I am so dots that you tar pau-ed white rice. COOK A POT AND PUT IN THE FRIDGE LA! is a site that you can use to search for recipes based on the ingredients you wanna use (so you type chicken and all recipes that have chicken pops up). Hope it's useful.

    No, this is not an advertorial. :P

  12. Cockroach: Macallan is so not the creme de la creme! Depending on what peers you refer to, of course...

  13. oh....don't forget barli......enjoy yourself....

  14. thanks alynna

    the smell and taste of malts can be extremely complicating. individual preferences - really. some say they smell and taste like cockroaches!


    to mabuk - any grain will do - a red label, passport, ballantine 7, grant, white horse, thai song etc is just as good with soda and ice. better still if somebody picks the tab!

    socially correct - any 12s (grains or malts) - black label, ballantines, chivas, dewars, jack daniels etc with soda and ice. best i do not have to pick the tab.

    socially correct (niche) - swing, glenfiddich 12, macallan, old parr (with a slice of lime), famous grouse, glenlivert, dimple,green label, maker's mark...etc with soda and ice

    private comfort - any 18s and above - chivas regal, chivas royal salute, glenfiddich, glenlivert .... drams them neat. best i do not have to share.

    beyond reach - blue label.

    after all said and done i would prefer a RM178.00 100cl special finish Glenmorangie like Burgundy Wood or Sherry Wood (imported by Riche Monde) to a RM135.00 70cl Macallan 12 (imported by Dynamic International). Duty Free prices.

    Btw i am a cheapo - consume only DUTY FREE malts!

    bye & take care alynna

    apologies FA for the chat with alynna in your "house"

  15. Ah, long time never eat Yoshinoya.


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