Monday, June 25, 2007

Haiyah won't you motherfuckers ever stop whining!?!?!?

Okay okay stfu. here here. Pictures. Stop crying okay? Holyshit motherfuckers. I is busy can? BUSY. AND MY CPU IS CACAT AND I IS STILL TRYING TO MOVE DOMAIN HOSTS AND ETC ETC CAN! But HERE BE PICTURES. SHUT UP BE HAPPY. THIS IS LAST UPDATE IN LONG TIME ZOMG?!?!?

Some of you might have noticed my fugly mugshots in Sin Chew and The Star's Metro.

There is no good explanation for it. I am so sorry to have caused so much trauma to you, your mother and your dog. But here be more pictures, which I think are less fugly, because this photographer was fucking awesome, and seems to like me more than THAT fat dumpy lump of the fucking sin chew's sad sorry excuse for a photographer. GRRRRrrr.

Oh for the ones who don't know wtf is going on, I was featured in a couple of papers for an Estee Lauder makeover thingy some time back. I thought these makeover thingies were supposed to make you look good in the end... but erm... well... I wasn't too crazy over my "new" look. I guess there's not much you can do when you don't have much to begin with yah? ^_^

Me choosing what to wear. Or acting like I'm choosing what to wear. The girl next to me is kinda cute, right?

Me. Doing the "Act Kiut" pose. After 1000 layers of make up. I like this picture the most. It kinda makes me look cute. Haha. :P

Getting my hair done up. I like me in this one too. Though I think I prefer me with MUCH LESS make up. All that make up makes me look like a one of those chinese opera singers.

Wait till you see what they did with my hair.....

-_-"..... don't I look 45? Bloody hell I'm only 2 fucking 7.They actually did my hair TWICE. This is actually looking MUCH better than the first attempt! After I saw the first attempt's result I nearly wanted to kill myself. DEATH BY HEAD BANG PILLAR. I didn't know how to react when I first saw it. So shocked. Speechless. When they asked me how I liked it I was like "er...... mmm..." But looking back, it was goddamn fugly. :( It was done by peoples from A Cut Above, can you believe that shit? What the hell!

I like that top though. It's from Warehouse. It's probably costing over a thousand dollars and a left leg. Damn the lights really accentuates my age and fats. But GODDAMNIT I'll have you know that I was the FIRST GIRL THAT AFTERNOON who managed to zip the damn corset ALL THE WAY UP (Note: this is NOT a cue for you to poke fun at the lack of assets, UNDERSTAND!)!

Erm. I be in uR newZpapers. Giving you de nytemares muaXxX? :P

Okay done back to work zomg! Mondays are crazy!


  1. Yup, the second photo is probably your best! Good use of lighting too.

  2. Oh come on.

    You know we all adore you.

    I just love the elfin look that you have... it's the face... it's the face... plus having good genes help, and nice shoulders, and... ah... you've heard all this before from some other guy so I don't need to do it.

    Go find some single guy who'll say that to your face and charm you into his bed.


  3. I didn't any of the shots. As Simon says: Sorry but I'm being honest.

  4. They're all nice shots. But I like #3 and #4 best.

    No more updates?? WHINEWHINEWHINEWHINE!

    good luck on the domain move. Although setting up WordPress gets easier with the new version that's out now....

  5. whine whine whine whine whine whine

  6. I didn't complain at all!

    I can understand being busy and all and cant find the time to update your blog.

    You look great by the way.

  7. more more and more Forking picturesss cannNnn????

  8. Xan - You crawler!!! :-)

    FA - 'Haiyah won’t you motherfuckers ever stop whining!?!?!?'

    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Read above! Whine whine whine! :-)

    'I guess there’s not much you can do when you don’t have much to begin with yah?

    Or not much to do if you've already got natural enough beauty.

    'The girl next to me is kinda cute, right?'

    Yes, she is. But, she is too young! Story of my life. No single women left near my old age.

    'All that make up makes me look like a one of those chinese opera singers.'

    Nothing wrong with Chinese Opera. Amazing what effects they can create on stage with some of them. [Even if I can't understand a word of Cantonese!!!]

    'Wait till you see what they did with my hair…..'

    Do we have to wait? Can't you show us NOW?

    'don’t I look 45? Bloody hell I’m only 2 fucking 7'

    No, you don't look anything NEAR 45! [Gees, even I don't look anywhere near that old, and I'm 42]

    2 F***ing 7? isn't that classified as an orgy of sorts? :-)


    I think I bought their last album ... um, they are a death metal group ... right? :-)

    'It was done by peoples from A Cut Above,'

    Maybe they were A Cutting Above your hair ... that's why it caused problems.

    'It’s probably costing over a thousand dollars and left leg.'

    Hmmm, that'll save the need to buy matching pants!

    'Damn the lights really accentuates my age and fats.'

    I can't wait to hear you berating yourself when you get to my age and amount of fat!

    'FIRST GIRL THAT AFTERNOON who managed to zip the damn corset ALL THE WAY UP'

    Can you provide movies/pictures of the girls who couldn't manage to zip it up? Preferably WHILST they are trying to zip it up! :-)

    'Note: this is NOT a cue for you to poke fun at the lack of assets, UNDERSTAND!'

    We'll keep our mouths shut if you send the pics of the other girls trying to get into the corset!!! ;-)
    Though, you do realise it kills my comments closing gag!!! :-)

    'Erm. I be in uR newZpapers.'

    You will? But, we only get the Perth Sunday Times!

    'Giving you de nytemares'

    Yes, give us de nytemares, I'm sure most of the guys here will enjoy that!!! :-)

  9. I saw you in the Star. No I didn't spend 1.20. Thankfully the other office robot did. But since legally you aren't the only one allowed have issues (i checked), i developed one... what happened to the alcohol inspired portraits?

    Pretty as the highly tarted shots may be, they pale in comparison to your liquor suffused postings. Bring back the graphic, documentary-like, rage-against-the-soul-sapping-job pictures.

    FA: Hmm. Can't seem to recall having posts or pictures of THAT nature. Care to refresh my memory?

  10. wau..very da pretty ohh..and sexy too...“Act Kiut” pose i like kakakaka...well done angel..

  11. Whine whine whine whine whine (samore)

  12. Come to and vote for your "Hottest Malaysian Blogger" in my new post. Featuring Fireangel too...

    FA: Er, thanks? :)

  13. hmmm... what happened to the angry flatchested entry?

  14. wow u looks fa"tastic" ya

  15. I thought someone already did a 'Hottest Malaysian Blogger' post or something this year.

    Not to worry, they always get the hit count up! :-)

  16. OMG!!! I saw your pic in the Metro section on that day. Recognise your face from your blog. :)

    You look good btw

  17. I didn't have the chance to see the local newspaper, but you look good from the pics here. And I like the warehourse corset!!! Looks good on you too...

    AND and, I know this is a really random question, but are you EV's sister?

    FA: Erm. yes.. :) and now I'll have to kill you.

  18. i still think u are hawt, despite me being a retard on meths..hahahahahha

  19. Mamak Mechanic MasterzJune 27, 2007 at 7:26 PM

    I in uR comMentZ. The only one thinking about cheezburgers.

  20. Hahaha... OMG such a small world! I used to come to your house alot, just that you're never at home! :P Kekeke... and I know about the swimming pool now cum fish pond too! Oh mannn....

    Ok ok, I know you're gonna kill me now.

  21. Mei - get in line, she wanted to kill me first!!!! :-)

  22. Dabido, you can go first. definitely...
    Frankly, I don't wanna be killed. Tee hee hee ;)

  23. i tried on that corset before, it's about 386 or something like that. and i got the size 6 zipped up all the way to the top too. the saleslady gave me size 8 and i was soooo offended haha. but getting out of it was a bitch though

  24. Amazing leng lui angelz in action oh.

  25. pretty eh.... u look my friend's eldest sister....same person?


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