Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Obligatory Introductory First Post

Oh my god.

Not another goddamn inconsequential blog about a day in a life of a total NOBODY.

Haha! Too bad.

So. Some of you jokers may already know who I am. Sorry.

For the benefit of those who don’t , I guess it’s only fair that I make up a few FAQs which may be asked frequently, if at all.

Right. Before I begin, here’s a mandatory self–portrait every self-respecting camwhore should publish in EVERY post.

Me. Doing one of my favouritEST past time evAr.


1. So, who the fuck are you?
Ok, fuck THAT.

2. Why Fireangelism? I mean, like, that’s TOTALLY lame.
Well, adding an “ism” at the end of any word makes it sound like it’s a study of a philosophy or religion. Taoism. Buddhism. Racism. Journalism. Houseism. Realism. Marxism. Fireangelism sounds like it’s a kiddy playground for an orgy of intellectual stimulation. Just that, it's most absolutely NOT.

3. Why a blog, NOW?
Why not?

4. Is Fireangel your REAL name?

If you’re really asking me this question, I suggest you go play far, far away. Stick something big and sharp up your arse while you’re at it. Cheers.

5. What’s your blog about, basically?
Me, my friends, parties, drinking, the basic ingredients of my happiness.... and yours too, if you really know what’s good for you.

6. What can we expect from it?
Bad English ....... but excellent Manglish, though
Too much of profanities (bad for children)
Pictures. Of drunk people – mostly me.
...maybe naked
........maybe not
podcasts and videos... maybe.
drunken rants... on and so forth

.... but thou shall NOT expect a daily update.

7. What's the deal with the fansite? You were responsible for it right? Shameless whore.
Spank my ass and call my Judy!!! For the LAST time, will you fuckers stop asking me this ALREADY? If by "responsible" you meant "has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it except to allow friends to make fun of me" - then YES. I am 100% responsible for it. SHEESH. GET A LIFE.

8. What’s in it for me?

You get to quench your insatiable voyeuristic tendencies, sicko. Unlike most people who claim to “blog for themselves”, I’m shamelessly admitting that I'm doing this for you. And you. And you. Yes, and you too. Look, I’ll even try to be mildly entertaining while I’m at it okay?

9. What is your favourite animal…. Okay you know what I give up. I really, really, REALLY suck at this. So why don’t YOU ask ME the questions which I can casually ignore?

Andd... I'm done.

Oh, what the hey. I'll throw in another self-portrait for good measure.

Bite me.

Alrightey then. Let's get down to business shall we? Next up, I'll probably feature some of the characters which will frequently appear on my blog, or not. We'll see.


[Edited: Ok ok. This post was pointless. Click here, if you must]


  1. Fireangel's Obligatory Introductory First Post

    Let's all welcome the queen of the Malaysian blogosphere back to blogging goodness!

  2. oh I see how it is. You prefer black Haitian cock to tiny, stub-like half-Chinese cock, thus I'm not in your blogroll.


  3. I need to go change the religion in my IC now.

  4. Good to see you blogging!

    Love your stuffs.

  5. fuck sake...who are you?????

    FA: Some random narcissistic bugger lah. 

  6. sorry la just joking ...who are you anyway?

  7. nice to know that there will be ingredients about ur happiness in ur blog. hard to find it actually. :p


    Now I think there's only two kindda people on the net,
    those who have read FireAngelism,
    and those who have not which we can call them _______ (fill it up yourself)

  9. wow... your own domain and everything! now use it to make a few bucks and get ur tight ass over here!

  10. Welcome to your life. There's no turning back ;)

  11. Wow......bloody nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wa lau eh! The phoenix arises! "Not a drunkard"? That's reassuring! Rock on!

  13. Welcome to blogosphere, once again.

  14. Since when was she the fucking queen?

     FA: Like, er nevAR?

  15. Congrats on your new blog, btw. Finally.

  16. If Kenny wants to change religion, wonder what he suppose to tell the officer?

    So far only one entry, hope to see you more so I wont have to stick with XX all the time... :p

  17. my god~~~ dun immitate Xi_Xu_ ler... haihzz

  18. Welcome back, welcome back.. don't look back, shake it like dat..

    yongfook: After you saw what she looks like, then you deign to write a semi-respectable reply..?

  19. now all we need is some vodka, a camera and we've got ourselves the ultimate blogebrity camwhore site... :D :D

  20. and FA to again ignore 95.7% of comments directed at her

     FA: Yes, but not yours. See?

  21. Yes, you will valuable in my fight against! Join me! Help me!

  22. muak muak... take it...baxy...haha...

  23. my angel.. yeah.. she is back.. come give jack~jack a big hugz.. :p

  24. Angel, we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  25. 欢迎!欢迎!热烈欢迎! FA, your middle finger is teh sexy

  26. Anyone can fill me in on this M'sian lady? Honestly I am lost.

    FA: Lost? So am I. 

  27. Ouch! Your words burnt like you name. Love your energy and rudeness. Hopefully, you piss the right direction for us "audience". Look forward for that many days of postings. Get rocking and not rotting. Never heard of you before but glad to now.

  28. ROFL.. -_-"
    piss all day long blog queen

  29. yua aida is better.. or maybe maria ozawa? this girl here just want attention.. 1st impression.. you suck

    FA: I know, but thanks for reminding anyway.  

  30. I love the first picture. The photographer is teh pwn. She must have been the luckiest person on earth to be actually taking the great Fireangel's picture!


  31. Me caveman *bam*bam*bam* my club for you! *bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*bam*

  32. what!, u looking for fuck ha!. what is that.

  33. omg fucking morons!

    not you FA ;)

  34. you are back! welcome!

  35. I see an angel.. a fireangel

  36. HalfmanHalfbiscuitJanuary 26, 2006 at 5:29 PM

    Wow – the real deal at long last! Based on reputation, we are not worthy indeed.

    I’m strapped in, and buckled up… let the adventure commence and the good times roll.

    Yours, in eager anticipation…

  37. so your favouritest past time ever is drinking white liquid from a cylindrical object? okaaaay...

  38. Die hard Fireangel fans tools

    wget -N -r


  39. Are you one of the Fantastic 4 ?

    FA: Actually yes. I'm the Orange one.

  40. Hmmm... From those pics, 34A, 24, 26 ????

     FA: Flat, straight, shapeless.

  41. ISM comes from the Greek, it means a BELIEF in something.

    So FireAngelism is the belief in FireAngel. So Thiesm means the belief in God [Theo] and ATHEISM breaks down to A [Greek for NO], Theo [GOD], Ism [BELIEF], but dont' confuse all words in Greek which start with A as being a NO, as AN and ANA and ANTI start a lot of Greek words and mean something different again. [Like ANAstasia means to Live Again as ANA means again.]

    So with FireAngelIsm we can also get the beliefs AFireAngelIsm (A belief there is no FireAngel ... obviously they'd deny this site exists) and AnaFireAngelIsm (To once again believe in FireAngel) ... which is, I guess what this site is ... a continuation of AGAIN being FireAngel on the Blog Scene and once again the Belief in FireAngel ... Though I guess the FanSite kept that belief alive too. :-)

  42. I don't know you, but I love you too :P

  43. Aww shucks people. Thanks. :)

  44. hey your pics looked damn horny and slutty..nice

  45. I found a new home. I'll be blogging from here now on.

    Thank You!!

  46. funny blog =)
    keep it up !! XOXO

  47. So why it's a double bed? Who gets the other half? :-)

  48. hahaha.. i agree with your thoughts on vday. over rated and bla bla. everyday is vday! life is very spicy! hehe. stay errr cute and high and perky


  49. I can't believe how nice this site is. Very few comments are wrong, if any at all. Glad I stumbled across your page.Keep it real.

  50. Im a enormous fan already, man. Youve performed a brilliant job making sure that individuals comprehend where youre coming from. And let me tell you, I get it. Excellent stuff and I cant wait to read a lot more of your blogs. What youve got to say is crucial and requirements to be read.


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